what are good supplements for lifting, and increasing muscle tone and muscle mass.?

I have been drinking protein shakes for 3 months now and gained about 6 pounds, and i took some creatine but it's a bit pricey.

what can increase my muscle mass and weight?

and i also have a ab that is larger than the others, how do i even them out?

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  1. *Weight Training Workouts:
    (30-60 minutes before workout)
    3-5 grams of Arginine
    5 grams of Glutamine
    (0-30 minutes before workout)
    20 grams of Whey Protein
    40 grams of slow-burning Carbs
    3-5 grams of Creatine
    (0 minutes after workout)
    5-10 grams of Leucine
    5 grams of Glutamine
    (30-60 minutes after workout)
    40 grams of Whey Protein
    40-80 grams of fast-digesting Carbs
    3-5 grams of Creatine

    *Cardio Workouts:
    (30-60 minutes before workout)
    200-300 mg of Caffeine
    1-2 grams of Acetyl-L-Carnitine
    (0-30 minutes before workout)
    6-10 grams of Mixed Amino Acids
    (0-60 minutes after workout)
    20-40 grams of Whey Protein
    40-80 grams of fast-digesting Carbs
    5 grams of Creatine

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