What Are Exactly The Primary Causes Triggering Psoriasis

Psoriasis is known as a skin problem that affects countless Americans. It is estimated that 120-180 million people suffer from psoriasis. Psoriasis can develop at ages young and old, but usually develops during adolescence. This is often a result of change in hormone levels. The danger of people developing psoriasis is 2-3%. It is recommended to remember that psoriasis is not at all contagious.

Psoriasis causes the patient to create thick, red skin. They may also experience flaky spots around the skin. Psoriasis mainly affects skin of the elbows, scalp and knees, but can affect any area of skin. The look of psoriasis assumes on a variety of forms. It may possibly appear as small red bumps, large flakes of dry skin, pink patches of skin or thick plaques of skin. Psoriasis on moist portion of the skin may look like flat red spots.

Typically the cause involving psoriasis may not be known. It is believed to be linked to people with weakened immune systems. Those with psoriasis have probably triggers. These triggers include stress, heavy alcohol intake, stress, dried-out skin, dry air, to much or to little sunlight, smoking or damage to skin. People with weakened immune systems perhaps have worse flareups.

Psoriasis causes joint pain in some patients. This is termed as psoriatic arthritis. Approximately 10-35% of patients with psoriasis will develop this condition. Inflammation can show up in any of the joints, yet the joints of the knees, elbows and hands are most commonly affected.

Medication can stop the disorder from progressing. The normal age for developing psoriatic arthritis is 30-40. A physician can diagnose the disorder. He/she will rule out other concerns like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Psoriasis causes the patient to cope with lifelong flareups. At this time there is very little remedy for psoriasis. It may be a chronic condition, but will be controlled.

Psoriasis can go into remission. An individual with psoriasis can experience pain together with discomfort during flareups. Many patients with the disorder will build up depression. This is certainly caused by embarrassment of going out in public areas. They can develop a low self image.

It is important for psoriasis being diagnosed as quick as possible.

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