What Are Amino Acids?

Thinking of improving your diet? You might want to add the amount of amino acids that you ingest to make you fit and healthy and also more energized to start the day.

If you are not familiar with amino acids then here is what they are: they are the basic building blocks of protein. They come in different sizes and are linked by chains and sequences of different types making a whole lot more of types of proteins. The proteins they form are then being used by the body for a lot different purposes.

Because of the numerous combinations you will find that there are around 300 amino acids and 20 of them can be found in the body already. They are in charge of maintaining the equilibrium inside the body such as nitrogen balance, nutrition, growth and maintenance of the system too. You can find a lot of them in animal sources so you can increase your levels by ingesting a lot of animal protein.

There are around two types of amino acids and they are the indispensible and dispensable nutritionally essential amino acids. The first type cannot be synthesize din the body but is very essential to maintain body function. After all, it maintains nitrogen balance, nutrition and helps in equilibrium. The second type increases your cellular nutrition.

Many sources come from animal and vegetable sources so make sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet to get a healthier body.

There are the proteins of high biological value. You will find that they come from animal sources and are essential to growth and maintenance. Also you will find that you can get them from wheat, glutelin and animal proteins. Proteins of low biological value have different functions and can be derived from vegetable sources.

Because these proteins are essential you can get them from varied sources. They decrease your levels of satiety and pave way for better toned muscles – all because of amino proteins.

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