Wellness Coaching – The Benefits of Upper Cervical Care

In 1995, I was introduced to a specific type of chiropractic care known as “upper cervical care”. At that time, X-rays were taken by a chiropractic physician of my skull and upper spine and it was revealed that I had developed an abnormal curvature of my top vertebrae known as a vertebral subluxation. I was then shown an X-ray of a normal, healthy spine and the difference was dramatic.

My doctor explained that the fatigue, dizziness, and TMJ syndrome that I had been enduring for so many years was no doubt caused by the two car accidents I had when I was a teenager. He said that car accidents are one of the major causes of vertebral subluxations, but even a fall or slight trauma to the head or back could be enough to contribute to a misalignment of the upper curvature of the spine.

The brain facilitates communication via trillions of nerve fibers to every part of the body via the spinal cord. In between the spinal cord and the brain is a bundle of nerves called the brainstem. This brainstem acts as the control center for functions of the body such as breathing, heartbeat, motor function, equilibrium, and the regulation of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Because of the important neural structures concentrated in this small portion of the nervous system, the slightest of damage to this area may have significant effects.

The brainstem is sheathed by the atlas (C1) and axis (C2) vertebrae and when completely aligned and freed of nerve interference (from upper cervical care adjustments), the rest of the spine and skeleton will automatically realign itself (like a domino effect), thus restoring the nervous system to its optimally healthy state. As a result of this vertebral realignment, the body is allowed to reclaim its anabolic state, i.e. regenerate tissue, repair damage and heal.

Upper cervical care is gentle and non-invasive. It is completely painless and you barely feel anything when adjusted. You simply lie down on your side and the chiropractic physician makes the adjustment on the upper cervical area, just below the atlas. It is this inter-relationship between the upper cervical spine (neck) the central nervous system, and the brain stem, that affects every aspect of human function, including touch, hearing, sight, mental processing, regulation of hormones, motor control, and immune system regulation. But perhaps most importantly, when properly aligned, it helps the body maintain an anabolic state of repair and renewal. The main goal of NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) is to maximize the human health potential associated with the reduction of the Atlas Subluxation Complex (ASC).

A vertebral subluxation takes time (kinda like straightening teeth) to heal. The chronic dizziness that I had experienced for over five years slowly dissipated and healed within two years of upper cervical care. And my overall energy and health has improved quite dramatically over the years, especially since I have been living in a pain-, stress-, anxiety-free mode. I’ve learned that living a life without stress significantly accelerates the healing process and contributes greatly to your sense of well-being.

Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a Wellness Coach who founded Sunlighten and co-founded Sunlight Day Spa; holistic wellness companies devoted to infrared therapy, sound therapy, and massage therapy. His Wellness Coaching practice incorporates infrared sauna purification, upper cervical care, and adhering to an alkaline-forming, nutrient-dense, sugar-, gluten-, and starch-free diet.

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