Weight/fat loss:biggest lies uncovered


I am really fed up with the flood of inaccuracies I stumble across in many so called “approved” magazines and websites.What should a novice believe from this conflicting information overload?

The problem lies in all this crazy money that is at stake,money that attracts the numerous vultures of the fitness industry from many kilometers away.

Ladies and gentlemen,things are pretty simple as far as it regards weight loss!

Attention! I said simple ,not easy!Nothing is easy with weight loss!

But simple it is!And it is because you perfectly know what to do:

1. You need to change your mentality and adopt a more active lifestyle,far away from the couch oppression.
2. You need to avoid all the heavily refined and processed,industrialized,packaged foods.These foods won’t only dig your grave prematurely, but-what’s more-will remarkably downgrade your standards of living .You are literally what you eat!
3. You have to involve in a physical exercise regime, comprising both aerobic activities and strength training.

Quite simple!Or not?But definitely not easy.

I know no easy ways to achieve notable objectives!Do you?

May I have your untrammelled attention for a minute?


-there are no easy ,quick solutions for weight loss.Choose the shortcut and you will fall over a precipice!
-magic powders,miraculous potions and pills: they are ineffective and often dangerous too!
-don’t fall prey to the monstrous,grotesque allegations of heavily ignorant people!
-Keep away from any form of passive exercise.There are already thousands of desperate,obese people who have lost hope together with big sums of money.



The big lies of the weight loss industry



1.Crash diets will give quick and permanent results

Crash diets might give -in the beginning at least-some impressive results.Alas,they are only temporary and mainly due to dehydration. Drastic carb intake reduction will help to this direction.
An even worse thing is tha

t you are going to lose together some valuable muscle mass which means a worsening of your body composition.

And the worst of all is the slowdown of your metabolic rate.
The body will interpret the drastic caloric reduction as a menace to its existence and will turn the metabolic switch to another position.

Please note the following:

say no to crash/depriving diets.

How many success stories from real life have you heard about?
Proceed patiently with mild caloric reductions.
Your strategic nutrition plan should contain only foods with a high nutritional and a low caloric value.

-aim for fat loss rather than weight loss

-don’t use the scale to judge your progression.Use rather your mirror or your beloved pair of jeans.
As we have many times seen, muscles’ density is much higher than that of fat.Scales might disappoint you for no valid reason.

-for successful fat loss/weight loss you should preferentially focus on physical exercise rather than diets.

Right nutrition is of fundamental importance.Diets no!



2. You will lose z cm from buts,belly etc.



We have many times have stressed in this site that we cannot lose weight/fat selectively.
How do you peel an onion? Fat leaves our body in the exactly same way:from everywere!
Until now there is no way for targeted fat loss


3. There are some fat burning foods!!


This is an allegation that directly insults our intelligence.
I won’t elaborate on this because my readers belong to the upper levels of intelligence.
I suspect that there is a misunderstanding with the thermic effect of the foods.This is a totally another issue !
We will talk about thermogenesis in the near future.Until then please forget about fat burning foods!


4.There are foods with negative calories.



Should I comment on this?There are some foods with low calories and a relatively high thermogenic response. If ,however, you invest on this fact to lose fat, you will remain overweight for many many years!



5. If you wear x training suit or z bermudas you will lose weight/fat.



The only thing you will lose is water through perspiration!If you later drink some water, you will regain this weight in no time.I once lost 5kg of weight in only two hours.I took them back in less time!



6. You can find ample info on fat loss/weight loss issues.Just read some magazines or do some surfing on the net.



It’s true that there is an information overload out there but it is simultaneously more than true that there is a distinct lack of reliability.

Both on the internet and in many magazines there is a host of criminally unreliable information.

There are different reasons for this:


-people are ignorant and they realize their ignorance. But they will write anyway!


– people are ignorant but consider themselves as pundits.


-magazines and sites live from the advertisements and it’s not easy to write against the interests of advertisers.


Conclusion:double check your sources to protect yourselves from unnecessary confusion.



7. You will lose 7kg/week guaranteed…..



When you listen to such unrealistic allegations run away keeping your wallet deeply in your pocket.
Even if somebody could achieve this- in a magical way- it would be totally unsafe and unsustainable.


I urge you to read my article:




A quite ambitious and at the same time attainable objective is to lose 1kg of weight/fat every week.



8.I cannot lose weight/fat because of my unfavourable genetics…




Although genetics do play a role here ,this is not the leading one. I know many people-including myself-who have overcome their poor genetics.
The opposite is real too!
There is no destiny!
It’s you that create your destiny!
You only need basic knowledge,common sense and commitment.
I am absolutely positive about this because I have seen and lived similar scenarios hundreds of times.



9. This is clinically tested!……



Scrutinize everything! Most of these allegations are rubbish!



10.Lose easily x kilos……



There is nothing easy with weight/fat loss!This will need effort and commitment.
It’s simple ,yes!But easy, not!


An important tip:


don’t focus your weight/fat loss efforts on your diet but rather on an active lifestyle and a sound physical exercise regime! This is more sustainable and can guarantee permanent results.

A combination of an aerobic activity with a strength training program has dinstict advantages:

-easier weight/fat loss
-a healthy cardiovascular system
-more active metabolism
-a better body composition
– a sense of well-being and a better quality of life.


 Chris Strogilis

Civil engineer with postgraduate studies in MBA and Marketing.
[email protected]

Article Source:http://www.articlesbase.com/weight-loss-articles/weightfat-lossbiggest-lies-uncovered-924233.html

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