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  1. sadienardini says:

    Giving it your all is what yoga’s all about! Keep doing that, and you’ll go exactly where you’re meant to. All my love, sister! Sadie

  2. sadienardini says:

    That’s why you do the preparation lower, and a hundred times, until you gain strength, flexibility and confidence. Chip away at it–you’ll get there. Namaste! Sadie

  3. sadienardini says:

    Any time you feel like it is a good time. I find my body is more able to stretch at night, after a day of movement, so that’s when I practice, but lots of people prefer it in the morning. Go with your preference– and rock it! xo Sadie

  4. nica180keyboard says:

    hello Sadie..it’s very amazing to see a woman standing by its hands through her arm too. i don’t know how to do that. i can’t balance my body and I’m afraid to fail body from air..

  5. pcbharti01 says:

    Hi Sadie,
    You are amazing .. I just love the way you move your body..:) I wish I could do this too..:( Well, I want to ask you that what is the right time to do this.. morning or evening.. I do some simple asanas.. but want to try the one you do..

  6. Shajaynay says:

    I agree if you just keep practicing things do shift and you will find your self getting deeper and deeper into the poses.

  7. sadienardini says:

    Hi there,
    As always, students should consult their doctors before starting any vigorous exercise program. Most people are aware of this, especially if they have a medical condition. Women in menses can do any yoga pose, even inversions. That’s a myth that is not backed up by any medical science.
    Some people with high blood pressure can do many poses, it’s not a set rule. I would just say ask your doctor if inverting is OK for you or not, based on your specific situation.
    Namaste! Sadie

  8. Hi Sadie, thanks 4 such amazing videos. Theres 1 request though…..
    I hv heard that certain poses shouldnt be done by people with High Blood Pressure, Ladies in their Menses etc. Can u pls specify these details in ur videos too. It wld really help. Coz Ive heard that inversions sholdnt be done by ladies in those days n backbends r dangerous 4 High BP patients, Is it so, pls lemme know. thank u.

  9. sadienardini says:

    Just do what I did–chip away at it little by little…if I can get there, you can. I wasn’t a backbender at ALL when I started yoga. You gotta start somewhere if you want to get anywhere!

  10. thats amazing flow of backward bending poses.I wish i could reach that level.

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