Weight Loss Website Launch

My new weight loss and fitness website. www.BodyPerformanceTV.com www.SteveTurano.com

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  1. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Thank you!. Please tell a friend!

  2. Dear Alusaint, do you really listen to Steve? Unless you have just met these videos, you don’t. It does not matter what you eat, what matters the most is how much you eat… If you are a beginner just check the videos, you will find all the answers to your potential questions. Good luck!

  3. Beautiful website Steve! Thanks a million…

  4. LiberalshateAmerica says:

    Im no expert but Im pretty sure there is a way to put a useable link to your site below the date.

  5. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Thanks but where is it?

  6. You’ve got great advice, but on a different topic. It’s stupid, but I am just wondering why your web host/designer left the Joomla favicon in your site. I image the site was build with Joomla, but I would get a custom one. Just my $.02

  7. SinisterSkip says:

    Ha, I meant calories, obviously 😉

  8. lukeduke996 says:

    what do carolies taste like?!

  9. thanks

  10. coleisaacs says:

    It works as well as the cabbage diet, soup diet, watermelon diet and the many other fads…what’s next the lemon diet?

  11. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    GO to my site and download the two audio files on Bench Pressing! Only $1.99 each.

  12. how do you get muscle on the ribs?

  13. hey steve do you know if the banana diet works if I mix it up with cardio.

  14. oNallieGirl says:


  15. noooooooo…..1 mor match 1 mor match

  16. SinisterSkip says:

    danrooney009 is right. If you want an effective way to get that sixpack, you need to loose fat. You do that by either doing more cardio (any cardio is good, usually cardio involving the legs is most effective), or eating less carolies, or better, both.

    I’ve never worked my abs in my life, and I have a sixpack, how? Because I’ve always been extremely low on bodyfat (ectomorph bodytype). If you want the same, you just gotta loose the fat.

  17. danrooney009 says:

    To get a six pack the best thing is cardio, because you will only see the abbs clearly when the layer of fat covering them is virtually gone

  18. Garrett1240 says:

    Hey me to!!!! same with me benchpress777. I just cant get sixpack

  19. benchpress777 says:

    Hey steve, I have been lifting since i was 16, and i made great progress but i still cant get a six pack could you tell me what i need to do, i am 19 and i really am getting discouraged

  20. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Thank you!

  21. FadeAway23 says:

    best of luck to you steve, I started watching your vids years ago now and they have answered many of my questions and inspired me. I’m 3 months away from becoming a fully qualified PT myself!

    Thanks Steve and all the best!

  22. sweetnsexyts says:

    I wish you nothing but huge success with your site. I know a lot of people, including myself, appreciate your help.


  23. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Thank you!

  24. claudiaforcutie says:

    I just checked it out and it looks great, Steve! Congratulations 🙂

  25. BodyPerformanceTV says:


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