Weight Loss Tips for Losing Weight Fast * Raw Food Weight Loss

Are you looking for some REAL motivation to lose weight? Well look no further, my friends…this is it. You can do this! Love, Dan .

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  1. Does this make sense to anyone, Cut out a Gal Bladder, and expect the body to keep running.

    If you went to your mechanic and he said, right your oil filter is clogged we will be removing that and not replacing it.

    Now we will also be charging you thousands of dollars for that. Does this make sense to anyone?

    Cheers Dan keep em coming

  2. Have Been a Vegearian for like 10 years, got sick sick for the first time in 8 Years last week, Not impressed! Of course only took me down for two days, but still.

  3. Dan – you are awesome….I am having a hard time hearing your video – I know my loudspeakers are fine so maybe you could check out your loudspeakers to make sure they are on HIGH!! thanks!! I love you! you are terrific and I love your videos

  4. Dan…YOU ARE AWESOME! You are truth, light, hope and encouragement! I’m making the transition…moving away from all this crap that is addictive and keeping me fat. Just yesterday I started my life as a vegetarian. I’m giving myself a week for this new lifestyle then I’m moving on to being a vegan. I am really excited about juicing! I just have to do some research on brands of juicers.
    You are a ray of sunshine & thank you so much.


    5 stars/one of my favs

  5. Chew on kale, spinach, bok choy, cabbage etc! Kale is #1 make huge salads with no acid forming foods! Just chew on greens as a hobby and habit and your teeth with become less sensitive!

  6. I honestly never get sick! I just do not like it! That is why I choose to eat fruits and vegetables as my diet! 🙂

  7. Hi Dan, Can you talk a bit more on teeth health. My teeth are sensitive and I’m concerned that drinking acidic juices or eating fruit makes my teeth condition worse

  8. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see someone like Dan on TV reaching the main stream instead of the big corps brainwashing us all!! Thank you Dan!!

  9. 6 secounds into this video and stright away i see this guys body i mean look at it hes got a frame like bruce lee and look how healthy he looks.

    this is a man that that should have his own book and alot more but its people like this that get pushed away by meat head body builders that take roids and claim to knowing everything.

    i respect the way you are and as a person the way you live is pure information.

    THANK YOU for giveing us your information

  10. hey dan, love you! just a little nudge, some people would prefer to connect “that way” with someone of the same sex 😉 just saying..i have a gay child so…there ya go! but love love love your videos

  11. Read any book on hypnosis and you’ll see what Dan is talking about. The steel INDUSTRY, and the food INDUSTRY is no different from each other. They’re all in it for the profits. Why spend all that money & time to make food healthy and natural , when they can pay pennies on a dollar for some cheap “fillers”. I was reading an angel food cake box of ingredients and the thing had sodium lauryl sulfate(a whipping aid) lol. They couldn’t find a better whipping aid?

  12. Amen, brother, tell it like it is!! When I went (about 70-75%) raw, before I even lost any weight I noticed I was so much firmer — just almost at once. I really believe you when you say the body is trying to protect itself from all the crap we eat. Jeesh, no wonder we’re all sick. I am sooo glad I found the truth! With your help. Dan, Peace to you!!!

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