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  1. goldlmine007 says:

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  2. cindykiller94 says:

    Does Jennifer have cancer?
    What kind of cancer does she have? 😛

  3. $30,000 surgery isn’t necessary. There are many people who belong to SPARKPEOPLE (dot)com and have lost the weight and have kept a healthy lifestyle. That woman could have done biking, walking, etc. and lost the weight, if she’d stopped eating junk food, and huge portions. Most of which is emotional eating, especially at night.

  4. zahedbata says:

    [sarcasm/]that’s really sweet, must have taken A LOT of studies to figure that out[sarcasm/]

  5. Zanda2212 says:

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  6. ardvark55555 says:

    Sunita Reed does really great videos!

    -5 stars-

  7. beowulfsword08 says:

    not true there is a gene for certain types of obesity

  8. 1am2fast4you says:

    right.. there is same prob in Cyprus.. :S

  9. mclight81 says:

    is the reporters name. “The need to read?”

  10. BottomContributor says:

    I don’t know if I’d agree with –completely– avoidable, but it is avoidable in many instances. Some people DO have genetic predispositions and environmental factors that drive them toward obesity. I was somewhere in the middle on that. This is why I call it a disease, such as alcoholism or drug addiction.

  11. metelgirlrobo says:

    Half of America hates themselves because they ARE fat. The other half hates themselves no matter how skinny they are.

  12. Good case here… but bad presentation of statistics at the end in my opinion. Would like to know in a quit slide the actual risk for obeses in that study and the risk for treated obeses – as well as p value maybe. Well, I understand it’s a vulgarization show but yet… 🙂

  13. sirillclint says:

    people dont start off fat. people BECOME FAT. dont let yourself get that way to begin with. simple as that. you choose to become disgustingly fat, and then you hate it. thats like me saying i hate swimming, yet i do it anyway. completely avoidable, right?

  14. PowerIsOwnage says:

    My dad is obease .. but he won’t do anything about it. =/

  15. BottomContributor says:

    Obesity is a disgusting disease! And I speak as a former obese person. My life was ruined in many ways besides health, including my self-esteem and job prospects. I have lost 80 pounds and have 40 more to go. I strongly suggest everyone to take charge of your life. You CAN do it, despite multiple previous fails to lose weight.

  16. obesity is funny.

  17. i’ve got to say, thats pretty important. No lie. enough of people having aniorexia, surely THIS will be enough of a prompt to stay a healthy weight

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