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Be My Friend – www.myspace.com Part 2 of dealing with sugar addictions. Weight loss, Sugar Addiction, Glycemic Index, GI, Nutrition Glycemic Index Link www.mendosa.com You can improve your health, reduce sugar cravings, have more energy, lose weight, control your appetite & hunger, just by eating low GI food. Most fruit is low to medium GI. Improve your diet and wellness. Please visit Natalie’s website at www.nutritionbynatalie.com This video was produced by psychetruth http www.myspace.com …

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  1. caseysargent says:

    I can’t believe I lost 26 pounds in 8 weeks. All I did was tried Exact Acai, and it really worked.
    youcanloseweight. webs. com

  2. eat all fruits! do not confuse your mind… they have fruktose. fruktoze is more complex than glukoze. and fruits have fibres…

  3. spitoncat says:

    A lot of information to digest.

  4. annie2062003 says:

    i though cheerios were a good healthy food.

  5. CreamLoml says:

    I crave sugar a lot and it is really hard 4 me 2 quit eatin it I suppose its like being addicted 2 smoking which I have never done. This video is really helpful and I will defo try 2 stop with the information u have given me. Thank u. = ) xXxXx

  6. love2bestowe says:

    Can’t be harder than quitting smoking. I am proud of myself for quitting.

  7. goldlmine007 says:

    Check my page!

  8. FarrenfollowsBen says:

    i’ve told people about aspartame, but it’s like i’m crazy or something…they just don;t wanna listen

  9. You must have a really high Glycemic Index because you seem so sweet. Thank you for the great information!

  10. I don’t know if it was mentioned here but I just want to say l-glutamine has done wonders, WONDERS for my sugar cravings especially during that TOM. I’m on Atkins personally and I could never stick to it because I’d derail during PMS. Started taking 1g of glutamine on an empty stomach and OMG, no more binging on sweets, and my moderation has been restored with regards to cheat days. It’s amazing. It’s good for strength training too I recommend people take it if they’re not already.

  11. LarrysLive says:

    yea but how do you break the mental addiction to sweets. I love that stuff. Please see my video.

  12. policeman1313 says:

    That’s ok, I agree with that 😉

  13. aparently 3 other people disagree with you

    that makes us 4 against 1 (you) so yeah

  14. policeman1313 says:

    Wow I couldn’t disagree more.

  15. emopotatoman says:

    wow youre hot

  16. Arachnimite says:

    I beat sugar addiction by using this wonderful cancerous chemical called Aspartame.

    and to think im not a dumbass. well I guess I didnn’t care. lifes to short. but I like having a nice body to.

  17. onlymusic2u says:

    thank again..

  18. tasha122277 says:

    One extremely low GI food is chana dal, which is really popular in India, you can get it online or in indian grocery stores.

  19. Am I wrong in commenting that there is a difference between carbohydrates and fructose contained in fruit? I can see that they may both have an effect on the blood sugar level, but is the adsorption different?

  20. You are confusing the high GI because of the sugar in the fruit. Carbohydrates are absorbed differently than fructose in the watermelon.

  21. Thank you! This is very helpful!

  22. olgalittle says:

    When you say cherios are in the high GI index is that because of all the sugar in them. I eat a natural oat cherios with no sugar added. I presume this is not the same.

  23. her voice is amazing

  24. singsomuch says:

    What is Glycemic Load? Is it the same as Glycemic Index?

  25. You dont need a list. Just use your brain and avoid anything MANmade, any food MAN artificially created/processed turns beings into artificially alienated obese BLOBS of oscure fat-flesh. Why? Because MAN is a failure and sucks at using his full potential. Have a BALANCED and reasonable mix of fruits, vegs, meat, eggs, nuts anything nature provides that grows, feels naturally evolved and “pure”, that’s all. No need for glycemic technobabble, its for the gullible. Oh and move your ass of course.

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