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  1. affordnoshoes says:

    Can I fuck you? Would you prefer to fuck me? You could tie me up, slap me and call me sally.

  2. lainilain01 says:

    wow. this totally kicked my butt.. haha i feel GREAT now! thanks!

  3. TheAleshaT says:

    Great work, I used the free trial from diet-mentor . info

  4. There is this site giving free prizes away on thursday 9/15 for being a member. I can send you a invitation refferal just message me your email address if you dont believe me ask me questions this aint spam im trying to help you out this shit is completely free u got nothing to lose

  5. jimmycrew says:

    Nice long deep breaths.

  6. TaraStilesYoga says:

    awe. . . thanks! that’s nice of you to say. i actually eat ice cream most days! 🙂

  7. Natokowsky says:

    thank you for all your wonderful videos. i hope you don’t work too hard and hopefully you can sleep in and eat ice cream some days:)

  8. music2012 says:

    You look like Rachel Stevens with yo’ fine ass.

  9. affordnoshoes says:

    What’s wrong with bikinis? It’s not I said she should wear her birthday suit (although that would definitely increase her views a thousandfold). It’s just that if I can’t see the results, it makes it hard for me to believe that she’s healthy. And we all know that work out advice should come from healthy people.

  10. jasonlajoie says:

    Do you really think you can trick her into wearing a bikini? You’re funny…

  11. jasonlajoie says:

    Yoga is more for the mind than the body so it would really help you in a BIG way.

  12. you will not lose weight doing crunches or yoga. You need cardio and don’t ever go on a diet…you have change the way you eat forever, or else you’re just going to bounce back up to your original weight in about 9 months.

  13. hahahahahaha, so true

  14. hahahahhahaha

  15. you mean yoga

  16. susanlarissa3228 says:

    19 here i am tired of being hurt by men i need some good dick

  17. affordnoshoes says:

    And yes, YT is relatively sexist. They bombed the female humor thing that was featured a few days ago. Such a shame, because it was actually pretty well written (unlike much of the other YT garbage).

  18. affordnoshoes says:

    Mine wasn’t cruel. I’m got tired of being an asshole months ago. Now I’m just wondering what shape she’s in. I can’t see abs through that shirt of hers.

  19. affordnoshoes says:

    I won’t be able to tell if you’re too skinny or what until you take your top off. Seriously. At least wear something more revealing so we can see the results. Chances are you are under nourished, but what do I know? You are fully clothed. -_-

  20. lol, what has become of youtube? So many unnecessary comments and a bunch of punks lurking just waiting to say something cruel.

  21. TheCerealCruncher says:

    yogo is for faggs

  22. Just think, girls. You only have to keep up this crap until you get married. The poor bastard will be trapped then, and you can play the ‘pregnancy-fat’ card and never look back.

    Come on girls. You can hold out for a couple more years! You can do it! Ben and Jerry are waiting for you.

  23. niggagotbeef says:

    pause at 2:14 hahahah

  24. drewtopia says:

    Shush, small dick.

  25. niggagotbeef says:

    gain weight, get tits

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