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  1. fleurdelaurier says:

    is it difficult to read because english is not my first language so i would like to buy your book but in a translated version…it’s better for me.

  2. PeterGlickman says:

    I don’t earn enough with my books to do all the things I’d like. Strangely, although my book is published in Russia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Korea and Turkey, no Belgium publisher has picked up the foreign rights. There is currently a British book distributor who is carrying the book, if that helps.

  3. fleurdelaurier says:

    how much do you earn with your books peter glickman???
    i would like to know…but there is a problem here, i am in belgium but i can’t get your book,why is it so???

  4. PeterGlickman says:

    As long as it’s spring water or purified water with no carbonation added, it’s fine. Usually, mineral water means added something.

  5. PeterGlickman says:

    Those are good things to do. The reason for additional detoxification is because the body’s normal detoxification systems work fine when not overwhelmed. Show me someone who doesn’t drink, smoke, exercises, drinks 1/2 her weight in ozs of water every day, doesn’t overeat or eat junk food and perhaps that person doesn’t need any extra help. For many of the rest of us, the Master Cleanse is great. Try it for 10 days and then give me your opinion.

  6. PeterGlickman says:

    Cayenne is the best herb for health according to Master Herbalists Dr. Schultz and Dr. Christopher. It dilates blood vessels, dissolves mucus and acts as the accelerator for the Master Cleanse. If she doesn’t like cayenne, have her add just a sprinkle of it to each drink and gradually work up to the 1/10 tsp. It’s much to valuable not to learn to like.

  7. PeterGlickman says:

    When you get the proportion of salt to water right, it won’t be retained. Try changing the proportions by increasing the salt a little. You do not want to be retaining 32 oz. of salt water. If you can’t get the proportions right substitute another cup of laxative tea in the morning. If you can’t do that, quit the cleanse. You don’t want to be mobilizing the toxins and not eliminating.

  8. PeterGlickman says:

    The problem with going without the salt water or laxative tea is that the toxins being eliminated will not be flushed out of the body for many days. This is one of the brilliant things Burroughs did when he developed the Master Cleanse. He added those means of elimination to get the toxins out sooner.

  9. PeterGlickman says:

    Burroughs gives three formulas for the Master Cleanse: lemonade, molasses and freshly squeezed sugar cane juice.

  10. PeterGlickman says:

    Wait until you’ve gone back to regular eating.

  11. PeterGlickman says:

    Rigorous aerobic exercise (walking, running, etc.) is fine. In fact, most people have more energy. However, body building is not recommended as you aren’t taking in any protein to rebuild the muscles while on the Master Cleanse. There’s no danger from not eating protein for that period of time, but it won’t build muscles.

  12. PeterGlickman says:

    People remark that the Master Cleanse lowers body heat. Usually their blood pressure reduces also. This may indicate a slowing of the metabolism, which would be a good thing as the only thing ever scientifically proven to increase life is a drastically reduced diet. This has been scientifically confirmed for rats, chimpanzees, and many other animals. Some people say if you speed up your metabolism you can eat anything and not put on weight, but fast maturing animals tend to die sooner.

  13. PeterGlickman says:

    Don’t add anything else besides the lemonade, salt water, laxative tea and optional mint tea. That includes gum. For your information, chewing gum produces digestive enzymes, which are better used to dissolve old waste. It’s only 10 days.

  14. PeterGlickman says:

    Drinking wine while on the Master Cleanse will prevent you from getting the best results possible. Don’t do it.

  15. PeterGlickman says:

    Is it possible? I suppose.

    I’ve never heard of that before, though.

  16. GenExodus911 says:

    Day 3, feel great. 🙂

  17. vonblackmetal says:

    is its ok to drink mineral water while on the master cleanse?

  18. sharktank29 says:

    I dont know a much about this master cleanse, but why not just exercise and try to eat healthy?

  19. spacehog34 says:

    My sister in-law is doing the cleanse currently, but she decided not to use the cayenne pepper. Will the cleanse actually work for her or is it a complete waste of time?

  20. JLeeMagnetic says:

    The best anti-aging product I’ve ever seen is actually Alex Chiu’s Magnetic
    Discovery. The other people are just nonsense.

  21. MrHollick says:

    I got your book and am excited to give it a go 🙂

  22. Thank you
    I believe you

  23. krystalkayk says:

    Hi, i am on the master cleanse diet this is my fourth day. And ever since yesterday i have been retaining the salt water and not expelling it. I am taking the 32 oz with two tsp of sea salt water in the morning and the herbal tea at night. I actual gained two pounds because of the water. What do i do?

  24. powercleansepro says:

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  25. FatalAssassin says:

    Hi Peter! A quick question. Can I go without the Maple syrup by any chance? It makes me sick every single time. Is there something I can replace it with besides molasses? Thank you for your all the info!

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