Weight Loss Secrets: Stop Cutting Calories!

www.undergroundwellness.com Frustrated with dieting and weight loss? Tired of cutting calories and getting no results? There IS a solution! There is no-size-fits-all diet! You are a unique individual designed with your own metabolic needs. A diet that works for one person may make the next person worse. Why not find YOUR diet? When your body’s needs are met, your cells return to proper function, your health will improve and your weight will normalize. The path to vitality is different for …

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  1. dayusdaus says:

    jump rope is very good… do an hour of rope jumping and u’ll cut 1000 calories….
    do 3x per week…its very good…

  2. sweating more will help you lose water but not fat … sorry

  3. wow isit true that if u cover uup and ur hot u burn mre fat? x

  4. basketball559 says:

    Okay so what im going to try to do is wet a towel and put it around my mid section then put the everlast & if thats not good enough then im just not going to use the everlast product ever again……

    could you PLEASE explain more about the last sentence you sent to me PLEASE!!! i dont really get it

  5. MechanicalBagel says:

    if you are trying to keep in the heat with the everlast thing, then it’s not going to help you. however if you where to use a wet, damp, or cool towel / belt, maybe with some ice involved, so the belt would try to cool you off, and your body would burn fat to counter react to the coolness, then that would work.

    notice how your hands/ arms / ankles are relatively more normal “sized” then the places you keep clothed and warm, this is because they are exposed to cool air more often then not.

  6. basketball559 says:

    so when i create heat around my stomach it will burn off “fat” and it will cause 2 lose weight…….i jump rope most of the time and i wear a everlast thing around my mid section 2 “burn off fat” you thin that would work???

  7. MechanicalBagel says:

    the main cause of burning fat is to regulate body temperature, you will burn fat when you need to create heat. you can isolate and condition your body parts to burn fatty tissue, so if you do it after working out, you will not have atp proteins to burn to create heat, forcing your body to burn your fatty tissue.

    it would also help if you didn’t wear layered clothing, and traded in your heavy comforter for a lighter one, or even a sheet. good luck, and I hope you do well

  8. basketball559 says:

    why does my shirt need 2 be off??…..so i need to put something cold on my stomach after im done with a workout and i will lose “fat”?

  9. MechanicalBagel says:

    if you want to lose it around your mid section, try doing situps until you feel a “burn,” after which, make sure your shirt is off and lay down in the wind or under a fan, making sure to wipe off any areas that you don’t want to lose weight (of sweat). after your stomach is dry from perspiration go for a light jog or run (you just want to burn your atp proteins) and when you get done, put an ice pack on the area that you want to lose weight. you will burn the fat in order to keep the area warm

  10. basketball559 says:

    i jump rope for 40-60 minutes a day
    i wear a sweater to sweat more so i can lose more FAT
    how long will it take so i can lose 10 pounds??
    also i do situps sometimes

  11. hotandinfit says:

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  12. hotandinfit says:

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  13. vampguylover says:

    my mom lost 30 pounds in 2 months because she had this special diet plan thing and that was two years ago ……….she weighs the same

  14. youd be surprised at how easily your body can burn alot of calories if the macronutrients in those calories are in the right ratios to one another, and in a way that is specific to your body. if beer was one of your main sources of calories and you weren’t eating enough enough fats and proteins, you wouldn’t lose weight at all. even if you were on a low cal diet. and “therealdirtyscary” where the hell is this weight loss coming from if you’re not losing fat or muscle mass?

  15. So what, you poop out the extra calories or something? As far as I know, gaining or losing mass (not neccessarily fat or muscle) depends on how much you eat, in calories, and how much energy you use.

  16. Ehal that is false. if you eat the right ratio of slow carbs fast carbs and protein for each meal, the insulin response wwill be lessened and insulin inhibits your bodys ability to burn fat. as long as you eat the right ratio, you will lose weight. example of this is doubling your protein intake with carbs around 30 minutes after your work out. it will allow you to lose fat without losing muscle mass

  17. superpolishpower says:

    I think most peoples diets are full of sugar and transfat.. If they get the diet healthy most of the stuff will even out.. beans, brn rice, sweet potatos and low sugar fruit for carbs including vegtables with good proteins from natural meats along with healthy fats will keep you healthy…

  18. byebyemikesockhat says:

    hah it said no food scale but i use one because im on p90x and i need to make sure im eating enough because i need to eat alot

  19. i heard from a doctor that if you eat / train
    for exsamlple
    if you jogg 12times (days) after ea 06:00 on the moring before work or school it will be stored in your brain as a normal thing to do so after those 12times you will automaticle just wake upp and run when the clock calls =D! and thats awesome!

  20. TheRealDirtyScary says:

    Losing weight doesn’t mean losing fat. Ignore your scale and total body weight, look at your’e body fat percentage, and even that can be inaccurate, go with what you see in the mirror, throw out your scale.

  21. “If you eat the right things for your type, calories are irrelevant.” That makes no sense. Excess calories are stored as fat, so no you can’t eat as much as you want, unless you want to be obese.

  22. EnzoTheBaker says:

    Okay, I misunderstood the main intent of this video. I was reading TheBadAssCanadian’s comments and it made me think this video was about disregarding calories completely (you shouldn’t)

  23. EnzoTheBaker says:

    This shit advice is no different from the Atkins and other bullshit diets. They are trying to appeal to the desperate who are tired of restrictions in their diets. Just say the magic words “eat as much as you want” and couple it with an anti-establishment mantra (“current thinking is BAD BAD”) and you have the sheep with their tongues out.

    Look around you. Eating excess calories is what is causing the obesity epidemic. Not this stupid, almost New-Age “eat for your type”

  24. EnvisionWoW says:

    Well before when I was over eating I was obviously eating more then what I needed, and my calorie deficit isnt huge+ I work out almost daily for about a month now (which may not be a long time) but im still consistently losing weight and almost at my goal.

  25. TheBadAssCanadian says:

    Hey man, that’s cool. I’m just concerned that what is working for you now may not work over the long term and you could do more harm than good. How long have you been low-cal? Do you feel more energized or less energized? Those are the key markers. Diets are crap because they imply less food, when we’re wired to eat what we need in whatever amounts are available to keep us going. Your body will adapt to availability and if you restrict it, your metablsm will slow to compensate for the deficit

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