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  1. HIMAY10NENCE says:

    I wanted to leave u a comment but it looks like u dont respond back. What do I need to do to ask u a question and have u to respond back ?

  2. I was addicted to sugar for almost three years. Mornings when I wake up and go to work, I’d never, EVER eat breakfast and always eat a candy bar. During that day, I’d eat one for lunch and some soda. Did this for three years, Including eating fastfood and just sodas. Never a full balanced meal like I use to. Ever since I cut all of that stuff out, I feel much better than before. Feels like my body is actually rejuvenating back to its older self and function.

  3. DrunkClown69 says:

    what is the april fools video called

  4. seancarl5905 says:

    i cut off sugar for almost 2 months know and i cravings but not major

  5. joelsjunkemail says:

    I was wrong, glutamine is derived from glutmic acid inside your body. Msg is the salt of glutmic acid.

  6. creamnice says:


  7. Great videos Sean. Discovered you today. Subscribed. Thanks.

  8. hotandinfit says:

    Cool. Free diet avaiable ! Check my profile for more details.

  9. filipinazarina says:

    oh no :'( i feel bad now…

  10. Tallguy2011 says:

    Glutamate is MSG…Not Glutamine……..Glutamine is one of the 20 amino acids encoded by the standard genetic code. IT Plays a Major role in protein sythesis. It also know that glutamine has various effects in reducing healing time after operations…………..Glutamine has nothing to do with MSG……………..

  11. refined processed white sugar is bad for you.

  12. pinkklash says:

    is it okay if i have a 1 tablespoon of sugar tommorow? i ran out of stevia!!

  13. joelsjunkemail says:

    Hater Comment: Why would you recommend gultamine and dis MSG. It’s the same shit.

  14. exploreruk07 says:

    hi i just had to post that i agree with your comment man, i was doing so well lost 2 stone in weight then i let some sugar back in my diet having the odd treat now and again and im back on it like a drug addict it fcked me up….better of without it completely dude…. kind regards..

  15. I agree with marckristen, I don’t think sugar in the raw is all that bad for you.
    Anything in moderation!!!

  16. Good question pinkklash, I would like to know that too.

  17. marckristen2008 says:

    Sean is talking about REFINED sugar. Natural sweet and sugar foods the body can handle. Anything REFINED should be removed from your diet ‘IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH”… If you don’t want the best health for yourself… then eat REFINED sugars.

  18. pinkklash says:

    hi sean, i started using stevia, does that have the same addictivity as sugar or other sweetners?

  19. mensacyclist says:

    Sugar is most definately a DRUG. It is the worst plague to ever be unleashed on the world population….worse than alcohol, tobacco or narcotics. The damage caused by sugar costs the world BILLIONS of dollars. The only way to go off sugar is cold turkey and 100%. “all things in moderations” is CRAP!!! Personally, if I cut sugar completely I lose the desire for it in about 2 days. I only crave it when i let it back into my diet.

  20. pinkklash says:

    what about splenda?

    lol im sure it BAD but i have it alot!!

  21. HealthQuestion says:


  22. whybothertomakename says:

    I agree everyone needs to eat better…BUT I work as a nutritionist, I and think this guy goes WAY over the top. ugar is good for you

    . Test after test conducted at leading institutes around the world have shown that these saccharides (sugars) tend to lower cholesterol, increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, allay autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis and diabetes.

    Of course too much sugar is not good for you at all…BUT YOUR GOAL SHOULD BE TO EAT BETTER, NOT CUT OUT SUGAR

  23. deathknight228 says:

    I absolutely LOVE this video, I go long periods eating real food, no junk and when i do try some junk it makes me feel like shit, my friends and family think its all in my head

  24. ceruleana1 says:

    He never said to stay away from fruits or vegetables. Sean always recommends eating a lot of veggies and fruits. Here he is only talking about REFINED sugar which is contained in many, many processed foods. If you stick with whole, unprocessed food, you can’t go wrong.

  25. ceruleana1 says:

    He recommended taking L-Glutamine supplement for sugar cravings. Also, read the Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery PRogram by Kathleen DesMaisons – that book plus great vids like this one on YT enabled me to get off sugar.

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