Weight Loss Reviews: How to Suppress Your Big Appetite and Lose Weight

Dietitians give us numerous advices how to suppress the appetite by eating light food. But researchers have discovered some other appetite controlling methods that are even more efficient than a glass of water before your meal.

Physical activity suppress appetite

One way to control your appetite is by exercising. It was long believed that physical activity increases the hunger, but researcher’s state differently. Physical training stimulates and controls the amount of two hormones-ghrelin and peptide YY which regulate the appetite. Ghrelin is known to stimulate appetite, while the hormone peptide YY is known to suppress it.

Which exercises are better at affecting these hunger related hormones: aerobic or non-aerobic exercises? The researches show that aerobic exercise is more effective at suppressing appetite than non-aerobic exercise. For example, it was discovered that during the aerobic or treadmill portion of the study, ghrelin decreased, while the peptide YY increased. This indicates that their appetites were being suppressed. You can choose aerobic training for a greater suppression of your hunger. Even though fitness, yoga or weight lifting don’t affect the levels of peptide YY, these sports tend to effect levels of the ghrelin, which drop and consequently suppress the appetite. Therefore along with the suppression of ghrelin, this is still a good way to maintain and build muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories your body burns throughout your day.

However, many women complain about the increased appetite after the work out. Most of the times it is related not to the physiological issues, but to the psychological. Researchers advise to change the type of physical activity.

And what to do if you can‘t work out too often?


It might sound quite ridiculous at first, but…try to dedicate more yourself housekeeping. Once you feel hunger, start doing something useful at home. Let’s say, forget you have a dish washer and wash all your dishes by hand. Do the same with your laundry.  Wash the floor, all the carpets and dust from your book shelves, clean the windows which, by the way, can be really physically challenging.  A woman can always find work at home and thus suppress her appetite or even make her forget it. Let’s look at some of the typical house works that might burn calories (per hour):

– dish washing 220 kcal;

– floor cleaning – 325 kcal;

– window washing – 265 kcal;

– hand washing laundry  – 700 kcal;

– ironing – 200 kcal.

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