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  1. g3ntl3s0uL says:

    so you take all 3 of those vitamins everyday?

  2. You are inspiration and I want to start fresh are where I strive to be. Thanks for the jumpsart:)

  3. You are inspiration and I want to start fresh are where I strive to be. Thanks for the jumpsart:)

  4. freenaturaldiets says:

    Get the best diet supplement to help you lose your extra weight and fat on stomach . see more information on my channel

  5. sweetine777 says:

    If you go to the gym use the calf machine but when you do it put low weight or resistance on it and do a lot of reps.

    Your muscles are made of little strands like chicken is when its pulled apart. When your muscles get bigger, it means your muscle strands broke and it healed with more strands to make it stronger.

    So you need to NOT make them break but you need that area to burn the fat around it. So just find some activities that aren’t too intense in that area do a lot of it. Hope i Helped.

  6. shellyontime says:

    I luv your videos

  7. jasmine2008brown says:

    Hey (BeautifulBrwnBabyDol) =) I found your video VERY interesting. You should also read “How to eat, move, and be healthy!” : By Paul Chek….Its a very very good book!!

  8. getinfiteasily says:

    Check out my profile and see how i lost over 60 pounds in 4 months !

  9. paulemona says:

    Thank you so much, you are my inspiration!

  10. dietweight91 says:

    thats the way i like it

  11. red meat is very fatty

  12. duminacan05 says:

    Your arms are AMAZING!!!

  13. BriaandChaeli2621 says:

    thats micaela d. when shes older :L

  14. rissybaby662 says:

    You are truly an inspiration! I have said year after year that I am going to lose weight…..I can now say that I am going to endure till the end. Thanks for being so positive and sharing your testimony!!

  15. yes arwa4eva click on her page she lost alot of weight like 80 plus pounds…

  16. loveloveyoume says:

    You mentioned a nutrition tracker. Where did you find your tracker? I soo need one of those that will tell me that information

  17. boomboomgirl says:

    Why did you decide to give up meats? I see alot of people doing that to lose weight.

  18. disneydiva21 says:


  19. did she lose alot of wiegh or sumthing?

  20. I know she is soooo motivating! And she just keeps it real! Love her!

  21. filmtress says:

    Thanks sis, I’m becoming motivated again.

  22. laptopluvr says:

    i have a very important question and i neeeeeed u to answer it plz!!! my legs r HUGE! my upper legs arent so bad but my LOWER one.. blehhhh…. anyway my lower legs r hard, so it has muscle. but i no there is fat too but i dont no how to exercise with out getting my legs bigger with muscles.

  23. blackvelvet2916 says:

    I am so inspired. You are so intelligent and such a wonderful representation of beautiful black women ; )

  24. prazanautobus says:

    i just love love love way she talks:)

  25. merrytraveller says:

    love you and your attitude. i think you’re so great!! congrats on maintaining your weight loss xx

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