Weight Loss Q and A (Episode 1-Part 2)

Here I answer many of the questions that you all have asked. Here are some of the videos I mentioned. 1. The Firm- I specifically use THE FIRM fat burning cardio toning, with FIRM cords, but anything from THE FIRM seems to work well! 2. The Biggest Loser-CARDIO MAX- excellent video to blast and burn fat right off!!! 3. The Biggest Loser- POWER SCULPT 4. ULTIMATE TAEBO-10TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE ED. 5. 30 Day Shred-by Jillian Michaels-TRY IT!!! You WILL believe! 6. Get RIpped and Get Ripped 1000 …

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  1. MichaelLivesNMyHeart says:

    Do you do any cardio at home? If so, what? haha. Thanks! Yellow looks good on you btw 😛

  2. babieeestarr says:

    Heyy message me you guys <3 add me as a freind toooo. Thanks a bunchhh XD
    check out my videos i need help!!

  3. I enjoy your videos and I agree with Patricia your BMR is definitely not 300 its probabaly around 1300 cals with no exercise and of course with exercise that number increases.

  4. hotandfitbabe says:

    Losing weight has never been easier. Our All natural diet supplements will help you lose weight easily.Check out my profile for more information

  5. grizim291 says:

    thank you soo much.. i love you girllllll!!!

  6. This is Awesome.. really helpful

  7. patricia1patricia says:

    JUST want to correct a point.
    your body burns MORE than 300 a day AT LEAST 1600 NATURALLY.

  8. Wonderful explanations!

    Thx for sharing

    Shalom & Blessings!

  9. disneydiva21 says:

    do you go to the gym or just the dvds?
    you look wonderful !

  10. FergieTCI says:

    did you start off slow (with your workout) and work your way ?

  11. caseysargent says:

    I lost 20 pounds us Exact Acai you should really check it out. I really works.
    youcanloseweight. webs. com

  12. tayclay94 says:

    i really want to lose weight! help me!

  13. ififellinlove77 says:

    Just a quick little tidbit…the average woman burns between 1500 and 1700 calories a day as their basic metabolic rate. To just breathe and move around as a normal person, a woman burns that many calories…I love your vids. They are entertaining as well as informative. keep up the fantastic work.

  14. ShutUpxDance says:

    dude I love how you explain stuff! =]

  15. SMARAGH20 says:

    Your arms look great, and I am a nutritional science major and what you have been saying is right, also your suppose to be drinking at least 10 cups a day which is a bottle water after every meal. But girl you look great!

  16. Thanks for the advice.

  17. elizoli86 says:

    its never that calculated… i would suggest you set a weight loss goal, then stick to it until you lose it.

  18. kiyomiholland says:

    I know that when I tried losing weight I hated to see only 1 pound lost. But think of it this way….1 pound equals 1 stick of butter!!! That helped me.

  19. i planning on going on a diet for 4 months and im thinking about losing 14pounds per month .. and 3.5 pounds per week
    do you think thats an okay plan?.. because im scared of geting saggy skin..

  20. starrcapricorn says:

    ur a good health teacher 🙂

  21. I would have problems following your workout regime, but so far I like what you say. But I do know that I wouldn’t have to work out as much as you do, since I have seen that 1,5 hours per week working out was enough to see results in 10 weeks. Good thing for me since I hate to work out. But maybe you will end up giving me som inspiration to try a bit harder to loose some of my weight.

  22. labelleybonita says:

    you just dont know how much you’ve helped me. thank you and god bless you.

    Is that kiko eyeshadow from bare essenctuals your wearing?

  23. LiVeRNoOdLe says:

    Did u have stretch marks after the weight loss? And if so, what did you do about them?

  24. ghettokaiba says:

    good god look at this womans biceps! Thats sick.You got cut like that because of an eliptical damn wtf!

  25. you go girl…….. i am so proud of you!!!!

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