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Besides exercising, one of the most important things you can do for your losing weight is a healthy diet. Your daily diet also affects your health and your body’s resistance to diseases. Deciding on a healthy diet is easier than what many people think. It just needs some common sense and a little change in your daily habits. Other than free weight loss programs, free weight loss meal plans are readily available. Use them to help you choose the right food. Here are a few simple and easy guidelines you should remember in your healthy eating plan:

1.  Eat a variety of different coloured food.

This is to include all the different vitamins, nutrients and minerals that you need. All foods have different nutritional values. For example, some foods are rich in vitamin C while others in antioxidant. The more variety you have, the better and healthier they are.

2.  Include all food groups in your diet.

As mentioned above, the more variety the healthier. When you include all types of different foods, you will not lose or miss out on important nutrients. So, you will need fruits and vegetables for fibres and vitamins, carbohydrates like potatoes, protein and essential fatty acids from lean meat and fish respectively and some healthy fat from olive oil or flaxseed oil etc.

3.  Take healthy snacks in between meals.

Some of you may already know that it’s healthier to eat more small meals than few large ones. You need a constant intake of food to maintain your metabolism to increase the burning of fat. When you take healthy snacks like fruits, nuts or seeds, you also give your body a healthy boost in energy and vitality, plus you won’t feel hungry so often.

Choosing the right is ultimately up to your taste and preference. However, if you follow the above guidelines, you should ensure yourself of a meal plan that works. One final note is to make your diet plan a long term one. Find a good weight loss program, free weight loss meal plan, then use the above simple guidelines, you will be on your way to losing the excess fat as well as living a healthier life.

Dave Lu is a health and fitness enthusiast. He is constantly researching and writing articles as well as reviews on various weight loss and health care products available in the market. You can visit his review site at Best Weight Loss and Health Care Products Review for more information.

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