Weight Loss Program – Free 7-Day Weight Loss Program

For anyone who wants to develop some consistency in their approach to their weight loss program, this 7-day plan should be able to help. The main aim of the program is to get rid of excess fat in your body, and at the same time maintain or improve on your muscle mass. Muscles tissues burn calories throughout the day, even when you are resting. They burn much more calories than fat, so it is vital not to lose your healthy lean muscles and body fluids during your weight loss program.

Before you start this weight loss program, free your mind from any negative mindset. It is important for you to prepare yourself mentally for the task. As it is a task that requires some dedication, you need to stay focused, patient and positive. These qualities will ensure that you achieve your desired goal quickly and effectively. Another important thing you should do before you embark on this program is to pay a visit to your doctor for a check-up.

For maximum results, adopt a healthy diet during the program. Meaning, lots of fruits, vegetables and lean meat. Stay away from fried, oily and sweet food and drinks. Do not skip any meal; instead you should take more small meals than just three big ones.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at this seven-day weight loss program and what you need to do.

Day 1

Start off with an easy walk for about 20 to 30 minutes. Then follow that with some stretching exercises. You should be able to workout a sweat and be ready for the days ahead.

Day 2

Begin with some stretching exercises. Then do some weight lifting. You may lift a chair or a stool if you don’t have a dumb-bell. Alternatively, you may do some push-ups. Follow this with some stomache crunches. End with some more stretching exercises.

Day 3

After your stretching exercises, take a brisk walk or slow jog for 20 to 30 minutes. You may take a different route from that of day 1 if you want to break the monotony.

Day 4

You have worked hard for the past 3 days, so give yourself a pat on the back. Take it easy today and just concentrate on your stretching exercises. This should relieve some of the soreness and aches you may be feeling.

Day 5

Today, you will try to increase your pace slightly. Again start with your all-important stretching exercises, then brisk walk or slow jog for 30 to 40 minutes. Cool down with more stretching.

Day 6

After the hard work you did yesterday, you are going low impact today. Go cycling or swimming. This also helps to spice up your workout routines. To make it even more fun, encourage a friend of a family member to come along.

Day 7

Today, you are going to concentrate on upper body workout like weight lifting or push-ups and stomache crunches. Don’t forget those stretching exercises.

Even though it looks simple and basic, this is a weight loss program and free advice given by a health expert. This goes to show, losing weight doesn’t need to be difficult and stressful. However, results may vary from individual to individual. But if you are able to go through this program, you have started the ball rolling and have greatly increased your chances of achieving your weight loss goal.

Dave Lu is a health and fitness enthusiast. He is constantly researching and writing articles as well as reviews on various weight loss and health care products available in the market. You can visit his review site at Best Weight Loss and Health Care Products Review for more information.

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