Weight Loss – Low Calorie, Low Fat, No Carb Diets – Stop the Madness!

Food has always been a central part of any celebration. With that in mind, how are we suppose to lose weight with very low calorie, low fat, or no fat, and no carb diet, and enjoy ourselves, while watching everyone around us eat cake?

Weight loss can be hard, yet we are bombarded daily with ads about how easy it is to lose weight, if you just follow their program or buy their product. If it was as easy as buying a product, then there would be no weight problems at all.

I have personally watched two friends, lose and gain weight 4 times in the last year. By the end of the year, they were the same weight as when they started, and they were miserable during the entire time, as well as picking up every cold and flu.

What is the point of working towards that killer body if you feel miserable, weak and sick?

If you are seriously overweight, and it has affected your health to the point of an emergency, then follow your doctor’s instructions. But if you are like me, and needed to lose a few pounds, or in my case 25 pounds, then there are ways to tweak your routines to help with your weight loss.

In that same year, that my two friends lost and gained weight with their very low calorie, low fat, no carb diets, I lost 26 pounds, and really didn’t feel it at all. Now they are asking me how I did it!

If you do not want to give up any of your favorite foods, then try adjusting the size a bit. I don’t mean cut it in half or anything, but try putting it on a smaller plate. Have you noticed how large the restaurant plates are now?.. Have a glass of water just before you eat, and that will take away that urge for seconds.

A pound is 3500 calories. If you adjust your day by approximately 250 calories, that will give you a weight loss of one pound every two weeks. That may not sound like much, but it adds up quickly. If you just can’t remove 250 calories, then do a few walks around the house, while you are yakking on the phone, or do some stretches or steps during commercial breaks on TV, walk your dog. Try to burn 100 calories with a bit of exercise, and then you only need to get rid of 150 calories in your food, which is really just a little tweak, could be as simple as dropping one soft drink for water..

By trimming a bit here and a bit there on your meals, you can easily find 150 calories.. No, this is not a blast the fat in 7 days diet, no, this is a slow and steady weight loss that you are likely to continue with, it is not really a diet at all.. and that is the point!

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