Weight Loss Is Easy When Done Right

There are so many myths surrounding the health, fitness and diet industry that the fact of the matter is whether you are trying to build muscle, or find out how to lose weight or simply get fitter you have one hundred different people telling you one hundred different miracle products are what you need. If you’ve had enough, you’ll enjoy our read today.

There are enough gimmicks and celebrity style get fit quick plans out there to get you lost forever, so what we’ll be focusing on today are a series of proven, time tested methods.

Basically, the 5 steps you see here work very well.

Russ Howe PTI teaches how to lose weight quickly with today’s golden principles.

Are you ready to begin? If so, read on….

* Use a calorie deficit to get started.

What does this mean? Like most things in fitness it isn’t as hard as it sounds. A calorie deficit basically means eating less calories per day (or per week) than you do right now. People often go wrong here though, cutting so drastically that their body enters starvation mode and actually stores fat. Don’t starve yourself, cut out no more than 200 calories per day until you have reached your daily target rather than making a sudden, shocking jump. This step alone is where many people get lost.

* Increase your daily protein.

Barely anybody who is new to dieting understands this step and it leads them to fail for about nine months before they finally ‘get it’. You don’t want to lose weight, you want to lose fat. Not muscle. Ever had that friend who lost a lot in a short time but looked strangely ill because of it? Combat this progress ruining bad habit by simply upping your protein levels during your daily diet regime.

* Go with protein snacks, not carbs.

Protein has the least effect of fat storage of the three food types. Eat a lot of carbs and you will see your body fat rise. So it makes sense that those daily snacks we all need should come from protein rich sources like fish or chicken, right? This step is often underestimated, a real fat loss secret.

* Get your snack pot routine started.

One of the greatest fat loss tricks is a simple yet effective method of using small tubs as your unplanned extra meals throughout the day when you feel temptation calling. When you are at work with no healthy food in sight you are likely to crash the vending machine, right? No more. Take three to four small tubs in your back pack to work, you will be able to squeeze perhaps a 50 to 100 calorie snack in each one. Better still, try to keep these snacks protein rich and you will explode your results.

* Enjoy your day off.

How many diets have you done in the past where you felt like you were punishing yourself? Cutting out your favorite foods never leads anywhere promising. Take a day completely off your routine each week, enjoy your favorite foods. Sure, you’ll pack on a few bad calories ton this day, but the fact is it will probably help you to stick to your diet five times as long as you ever did in the past!

These simple, time proven tricks have the backing of professional athletes and trainers alike. Apply them to your current regime and you will have your mind blown by the possibilities you unlock. If you are serious about building a better physique and figuring out how to lose weight properly, you can begin today.

Author: Next grab your free report to effective hiit workouts. Russ Howe PTI is Great Britain’s most popular personal trainer, teaching countless gym members how to lose weight online each day for free.

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