Weight Loss Exercise Program Week 2

Learn how to lose weight with our weight loss exercise routine program. diet.com Follow this workout with week 3 for a progressive workout plan to lose weight fast. Find more fitness videos at diet.com or own this video for just {video_description}.75! Join our weight loss challenge and watch your body get slim and sexy. Each week, the exercise routine will get increasingly difficult. Perform this routine 2x a week on nonconsecutive days. Check Out Diet.com Video! Diet.com: www.diet.com Subscribe to Our …

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  1. 4n1m3v4mpyr3 says:

    Aww man, shes already really skinny…
    Lets see what happens when you get a fat person in to do these excercises!
    Itd prove a lot more of just how ‘good’ these workouts are… =\

  2. pinkandmematch says:

    I want to lose 15 pounds

  3. she fucking hot…but the exercises are too special….I used to do them…before 5 years when i was at my soccer academy….They exercise leg muscles….not losing weight…soz about that….

  4. this basically tones your body thats it cuz i been doing these workouts for almost two years and im ripped and i gained weight but idc, i got a nice body

  5. ridhi1712 says:

    ohkzz thnk u

  6. Ske0the0realest says:

    good exercise and a beautiful girl…

    By the way, here’s a lot of advice and guides on how to lose weight:

    loseweight.bloggingheaven(dot) com

  7. caseysargent says:

    I lost 4 inches off my waist and 25 pounds using Exact Acai. It really works.
    youcanloseweight. webs. com

  8. im gonan try it once a day and check if it works 😛 , only eat healthy food , dont eat crap! if u forgot that

  9. XxPinkBrainGirlxX says:

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  10. sjane1122 says:

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  11. ridhi1712 says:

    *gained sum weight

  12. ridhi1712 says:

    i weigh exactly the same as the girl in d video ..
    i wanna loose wait ….
    i want to burn fat around my upper back ..[below the shoulders]
    wt shud i do …?any suggestions??
    i tried doing these exercises ..bt my back ..hurts alot afterwards …
    is 2 days a week enough??
    shud i do it regularly??
    m on ma vaccations …n i think i have gained wait ..i don’t wanna go school like this …
    is thr any way i can loose wait in 1 month?

  13. its good to start at that age so that you wont have a problem when u get older..
    not something extreme.. just exercise to keep fit…

  14. i lost 35 pounds last year 1 month and 2 weeks before vacation thanks to
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    i went on thier veggie diet and plus thier trainer made a whole new plan for me

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  15. happycheu123 says:

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  16. Emeriakix1 says:

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  18. what about walking?

  19. Celme9999 says:

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  20. Stevericky says:

    bet you there fucking

  21. very hot girl ,check turbulence training routings ..

  22. NOLAPARTYur says:

    I think at such a young age, you really do not have a problem building muscles and losing weight. Why not feature mid-age people who really have the challenge.

  23. jedwhelchel says:

    if you really want to lose weight fast go to: combatingfat.blogspot,com

  24. Jessica2432 says:

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  25. jodylovesmanunited says:

    hope it works ( :

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