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  1. brushfour says:

    Speaking of leanness, calories and swimming, I read that great swimmer who just won 8 medals at the Olympics would consume something like 12,000 calories per day. He IS pretty lean however. I don’t know if he really hit 12,000 every day, but I’ll bet it was up pretty high and on some days for sure. They certainly didn’t want him losing any need muscle due to large calorie shortages.

  2. brushfour says:

    The danger I believe is having that large a cal deficit day after day after day. You come in 1000 calories short on Mon, and then train on Tues again and come in another 1000 calories short, and then 1200 short on Wed. Hmmm, yeah you’re bodies going to be reaching for some of that muscle for sure. It needs those calories for body functions, digesting food, your workouts, repairing muscles, daily activities and on and on and will only take So many from fat. The balance will come from lean muscle.

  3. brushfour says:

    That’s correct erukian. if you’re consistanly burning 4000 a day, but only taking in 3000, the calorie deficit will be too much. Especially if you’re doing this on most days. I’ve read where Tri-athletes take in 4000 to 5000 calories a day to avoid muscle loss. If you weigh yourself daily or weekly, you’ll know what’s going on. If you’re dropping 1 to1 1/2 pounds a week or two maybe, you’re fine. Any more then that and it’s muscle loss. I try to keep it to 3/4 of a pound to 1 pound a week.

  4. brushfour says:

    When I look at female competitive swimmers, although VERY fit, they seem to be a bit higher in fat then other female athletes that do hard cardio work; gymnasts and track and field athletes for sure. The ice bath you’re talking about I’m sure has no negative effect. I go for walks to recuperate from hard workouts. Something about swimming though I feel is not a good way to get cut. Bodybuilders who show up on stage with high degrees of bodyfat are sometimes mockingly refered to as ” Swimmers.”

  5. brushfour says:

    The second idea I believe in a big way becuase as a summer swimmer, I would experience this everyday. If I spent an hour or two in the lake water, whether swimming, water skiing, or just floating around, when I get out of the water,..I’m beyond starving!! If there’s food around of any kind, I’ll eat like there’s no tomorrow. I’ll eat WAY more calories then I normally would. A long walk or run or aerobic workout in the gym however, has the opposite effect. It reduces my appetite.

  6. brushfour says:

    O.K., I see what you’re saying with Ice baths. I thought you meant,…I don’t know, working out in an ice bath or something. I’ve read several theories on this regarding fat gain. The second idea I believe much more than the first. I read that when you’re exposed to cold water for long periods of time on a daily basis, that your body may in fact react to this by putting on a slight amount of fat to protect you against the cold water conditions it’s constantly being exposed to. It’s a theory.

  7. So let me make sure I have this right, if i eat 3000 cals a day but i exercise a lot and have a 1000 cal defecit despite the fact that i’m eating so much, it doesn’t matter how you get the deficit as long as it isnt over 500 it’s safe? I figured eating so much despite the deficit wouldn’t make my body think it’s going into starvation mode.

  8. bdbfighting says:

    i dont think your right because i think after when you work out and you jump into a ice bath it moves all the lactic acid out of your muscles so it helps with muscle soreness alot of athletes do this and they dont seem fat at all i see ufc fighters do it all the time how can cold water make you have more body fat that doesnt seen to make sence to put body fat on you have to eat its not because of cold water

  9. brushfour says:

    Personally I wouldn’t do an ice bath. I don’t mean to sound rude, but it sounds silly. But my minds open. I’ve read that people who tend to spend a lot of time in cold water, tend to put on a little layer of fat in response to that. You can look at most deep sea female pearl divers, and they’re generally a bit on the fatty side of things. Also, when you spend time in cold water, your body spends lots of energy keeping you warm. After a long day of swimming, you’re starving! You may then overeat.

  10. brushfour says:

    Hey Joe, The reason they say that 500 cal is the approximate limit you want to create for you daily cal deficit, is because beyond that you risk setting off starvation alarm bells in your body. I’ve heard Steve mention 300-400 cals a day. That’s a safe bet. You’re going to probably lose a bit of muscle anyway, but it’s best to minimize that. Who knows, if you’re good, you may put some muscle on AS you lose fat. But keep that deficit around 500. You won’t notice it, but your fat cells WILL!!

  11. Hi Steve!
    I have a question quick question. Exercise or not, -500 cals a day will lose fat, correct? what about -1000 cals but with lots of exercise and cardio, i’d be eating more than not exercising but i’d have a bigger defecit, is this healthy?
    Thanks! -Joe

  12. bdbfighting says:

    hey steve great video! can you do a video on ice baths and do they actually work and are there any dangers along with it thanks

  13. BodyPerformanceTV says:


  14. brushfour says:

    I’d be interested to hear what you have to say as well. I read through Brad Pilon’s big 5 myths related to weightloss and eating. On 4 of them I believe he’s absolutely correct. But on intermittent fasting,..hmmm I’m not so sold on that one. But my minds open. If it’s possible to train well on a fasting day and you have enough stored glycogen and energy to train, then maybe. But just the act of fasting for some obscure health reason, to me has no basis in fact. I’m VERY skeptical. Anyone else?

  15. megaliprotopsalti says:

    Dear Steve,
    have you heard about the “eat stop eat” plan of Brad Pilon and if yes, what are your thoughts about it as an expert?

  16. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Thank you!!! ~Steve

  17. cedarpose says:

    you are an inspirational speaker.

  18. Hey im pushing on the tredmile of incline of 15 (which is max) then i go for 4.4 and burn 900 calories for 35 mins and i push weights, i am not loosing any weight, i have my photos up from my first week of doing this on my profile. i eat every 2 hrs and not after 8pm,

  19. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    WOW! Fantastic. That’s a great job! You should be very proud. Keep up the good work.

  20. JarrodDrover123 says:

    Steve I just want you to Know when i tuned into your videos for the very first time I weighed 265 pounds December of 2007 to this day I now weigh 183 pounds thank you very much for you help sir.

  21. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    GREAT job!!!

  22. kprice333 says:

    i have followed this guys well explained advice and have dropped 22lbs of fat off my body. Thanks steve for the videos.

  23. NODDYFISCHER says:

    If you want to live a happy and fulfilling life the best thing to do is to change your mentality.

    ‘Most people overeat because they find it helps them cope with stress….so my take on this: find out what makes you happy…so you know when it is happening!!!!’

    What I mean by this is that happy people tend to be thinner than they unhappy counterparts. Although some fat people can be jolly the truth is that really they are not…they comfort eat to make them feel happy. Find out what else will

  24. NODDYFISCHER says:

    much processed sugary food. It is a given.

    Nobody really, if we are being truthful, would be Morbidly Obese if they were eating Vegetables, Fruits, Chicken, Salmon, Fish, Turkey, Beef and drinking water! It’s not going to happen.

    So the truth of this calories in calories out is controversial at best. You see it does matter what you eat. The reason people are fat is because they can’t control themselves…

  25. NODDYFISCHER says:

    Let me write one more time: Saturated Fat is needed by the body. In fact, if you avoid eating Saturated Fat the body has its own mechanism to make it using blood sugar. But, the body does need Saturated fat but just not bucket fulls – it is a dietary requirement. But shit food isn’t!

    We all need to get past this mindset that just because something is bad for us in extreme excess doesn’t mean that moderation would be! I guarantee that people who are obese are getting that way consuming too…

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