Weight Loss Can Be Fast And Permanent

Our instructors recently compiled a list of the most commonly asked fitness questions they received in the gym and the overwhelming winner came from women asking how to lose weight fast and, more importantly, how to keep it off afterwards. Today we answer this with five simple yet extremely effective steps for you to apply.

Face it, we all know at least one person who has been sucked in by the big claims of glossy magazines or supplement companies offering instant results. Maybe you have, too. People often get stuck in this vicious cycle, spending years looking for that expensive quick fix which doesn’t exist. The truth is they could have achieved all of their desired goals within three to six months without spending a penny if they had just got out of that mentality and researched the following facts.

You do not have to carry on being miserable about your weight. No matter what your goal is, it is certainly achievable. We know this because it’s our job to do so.

See the top 5 rules regarding how to lose weight and keep it off.

The following five rules will help you get started right away:

1) Use a calorie deficit to your advantage. You guessed it, this is the staple rule of any diet and it basically means cutting your daily calories down. The trick is, where so many go wrong in fact, cutting down gradually until you hit your target rather than suddenly halving your food intake and forcing your body into starvation mode.

2) If you eat more protein you will burn more fat. That may sound strange, given that protein is normally associated with bodybuilders and building big muscles, but it is completely true. As you drop your carbs and fat intake you will begin burning muscle and keeping fat. You don’t want this to happen. Increase your protein intake and you’ll end this effect, forcing your body to retain lean muscle and lose fat instead.

3) Protein is perfect for a snack. When looking at carbohydrates, fats and protein you may be shocked to realize that protein has the least impact on fat storage of all three. That’s right, so next time you fancy a snack you should look towards something lean with plenty of protein. Think fish, chicken, a quick meal replacement shake…

4) Prepare your daily snacks. A firm favorite technique with those in the know, this simply requires you to take a few small containers in your bag to work. Ensure each container is small so you cannot fit a big meal into it, just a fifty or one hundred calorie light snack. The number one place people fall off their diet unintentionally is at work, when they’re just starting a long shift and are feeling tired. This will help you miss the vending machine altogether and if you ensure your snacks are protein rich sources too you’ll get an astonishing leg up with your fat loss as well.

5) Taking a day off from your diet is a great way to prolong results. You read that correctly! Have you ever done a weight loss plan where you felt like you were punishing yourself, living on ‘rabbit food’ and avoiding everything you like? If so, where did it lead you? If you are like most people it led you directly to falling off the wagon and reaching ‘I’ll start over next month’ territory.

Having one day off each week is a great way to reward and recharge yourself ahead of the next week and the fact is there is nothing wrong with this at all. You may take on board some bad foods, that’s a given, but ultimately if it helps you to stick to your goal for ten times as long as you ever could before then there is no problem!

If you have ever heard somebody say that gradual weight loss is better than fast weight loss that’s because it’s absolutely true. The five rules we outlined today will help you to lay the foundations for your journey, go achieve your goals.

Creator: Russ Howe is a qualified and respected Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. If you are lost with your diet, be sure to also watch our free video guide to how to lose weight today.

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