Weight Loss Before and After Pictures! Very Inspirational!

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  1. I have been on the HCG diet for a month. I have lost about 15 pounds only due to my cheating. This video helped give me strength to get on the diet in a more serious attempt. Thanks for the push. Deb

  2. WHOA! YEAH! I’ve lost 40 lbs. to date. My self-esteem is so much better. I’m learning so much from my Physical Education major. 20 lbs to go. I’m almost there. Hopefully by Christmas. Thanks all!

  3. awesome man:D… u can actually see how happy they are wen they smile there face lights up bigtime once theyve done it:)

  4. This moved me to tears from some reason… But thank you I need to lose 95 pounds myself >.>… And this helps me get motivated and happy! Think; In a year and half from now you’ll have your own weight loss success story! I have to try at least!

    God bless~

  5. wow! this is an amazing video! These videos help me so much!!! Thank you for making them!!!! =]

  6. Everyone (exept maybe underweight people) looks better after loosing some kgs. They’re simply more attracting than before =)

  7. You can do it, people. I started out at 220 pounds, and I’m 6″0. Now I’m 185 pounds and looking great =]
    My goal is 160.

  8. Lol its funny how you play mariah -Hero hahahahaha its kinda patronisin to fat people. But i kinda get where your comin from and yes the video is inspirational… well done dude x

  9. i weighted 220 myself last year. I became more active basically just running and jogging daily and ignored unnecessary food. I now weight 160 and have more energy thruought the day.

  10. Wow! You know the first thing I notice is how much younger and more vital they all look. incredible differences, thanks!

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