Weight Loss – Before and After photos – first 5 weeks

My weight loss after 5 weeks. Total weight loss to date – 9.8 pounds. MEASUREMENTS: Hips: June 23rd – 46 1/4″ July 2nd – 45″ July 22nd – 44″ Waist: June 23rd – 35 1/4″ July 2nd – 33″ July 22nd – 32 1/4″ Arms: June 23rd – 12″ July 2nd – 11 3/4″ July 22nd – 11 1/2″ Music By: www.freeplaymusic.com Song Junes_Groove

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  1. garlicbreadluvr says:

    Good job! Whats your secret??

  2. 1977jenna says:

    good luck girl. What is your goal? Im doing the same right now…just on my third week, feeling kind of dizzy. Lost 4 kg, 13 to go…phew ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Idsard2007 says:

    I like the bigger one just as much, but you do look younger after the weightloss.
    keep it up.

  4. grahamhorgan07 says:

    over 9 stone u lost?? o my god how long did it take u?

  5. dommarose says:

    wow you are looking absolutely smokin girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. DakotaRiverBE says:

    Way to go, you look fantastic! Keep up the hard work!

  7. mommy2tha3s says:

    u look great…

  8. truwoman01 says:

    2:44 your ass looked perfect like apple bottoms. wish mines looked like that lol

  9. trobertsinc says:

    I’m proud of and inspired by you. I’ve lost 5 of the 35 I am going to lose before end of year. I’m doing pictures weekly, not vid and will post when I reach goal. Great job and you look great!

  10. WhtRabbit76 says:

    Congratulations – keep up the great work you look awesome.

  11. SunderlandAFC1001 says:

    why work out 4 when you could do 7??? LOL

  12. Gemmaluvzmakeupx says:

    Well done girl you look fab x

  13. That was one amazing transformation.. You worked hard for the body.. That sound track is totally smooth… Who is the artist.? email me ..

  14. JulioMEX4EVER says:

    do lots of cardio. lift weights. I lost 60 pounds from freshman to sophmore year in high scholol.


    wow how did u do that help me please

  16. There is no fucking secret?
    Just stop eating shit and work out at least 4 times a week.
    This simple.

  17. EatCleanDietVlogger says:


  18. Stephiee007 says:

    Ahh help me i need to lose weight!


  20. myblackorchid says:

    Maybe you lost fat but gained muscle ? Muscle weighs more than fat hun xx

  21. GothicCliona says:

    I need to lose 70 pounds.
    Im 15
    help ๐Ÿ™ ? please!

  22. LoVePuRpLe121 says:


  23. 2bhealthyandtoned says:

    You have kept it real and I appreciate this very much. I look so forward to loose all the added extras just like you. Thanks for being open.

  24. ErinHuggins says:

    Keep up the hardwork! And keep on posting your progress. cheers Erin

  25. idiot depends on ur height, and most people are different..

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