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  1. superautism says:

    Bless them, I hope they keep it off!!! What an accomplishment

  2. tashameganlid says:

    Wow, Them people must have worked so hard
    well done to all of them

    Total Inspiration

  3. 35-40 O_O HOT!!

  4. 1:54-2:00


  5. 67mustangreg says:

    I wanna lose like 20 pounds 🙁 I have small boobs, and I’m a guy. not huge…just small ones that i wish I didnt have

  6. gnomenads1 says:

    yea exactly that. The heaviest i can bench is 225 on like 4 reps but instead i do about 180 at 12 reps…much better.

  7. TerminalCriticism says:

    All of these people are amazing, but 3.14 is simply badass dedication.

  8. Yup because bigg weights make your muscle tissue tare it bulks up when it repairs by repairing with more tissue than it needs.

  9. brooklyn60 says:

    “A New Day Has Come”-Celine Dion

  10. AnotherSchmoe says:

    lol thanks. I’m no professional though so take anything I say with a grain of salt, I’m just another regular person speaking on my experiences for the last 5-6 weeks. So far so good though. =)

  11. idk but it is relaxing though.

  12. handbrakemaster says:

    WOW at 3:10.. thats fantastic! and thanks for the great tips. im 5’3” and i used to weigh 126. so far ive lost 6 pounds and i am trying to lose another 10 🙂 you have been really helpful! xoxo

  13. handbrakemaster says:

    i know amazing. whats the song??

  14. wow thats great, keep up the good work

  15. AnotherSchmoe says:

    To Insanelycrazy29:
    If you’re a girl don’t worry about bulking up, you’re not likely to cause girls are lacking in testosterone.

    If you’re a guy just eat healthy and do lots and lots of cardio. If you can burn off enough fat you’ll firm up and uncover hidden muscles without bulking up. If you want to hit the weights without bulking up just do higher reps on lower weights. From what I understand it’s high weights on low reps that make people bulk up.

  16. AnotherSchmoe says:

    I’d also recommend cardio as much as you can in addition to eating healthier, jog if you can or use an elliptical machine / exercise bike / treadmill. If you can’t jog (I couldn’t jog at all month ago!) then walk briskly and work your way up. In roughly 5-6 weeks (and only 1 week of cardio so far) I’ve gone from 278lbs to 263lbs and am still dropping. So it is possible, I’ve been overweight my whole life and need to put an end to it. Just stick with it and don’t give up! Good luck to all. =)

  17. AnotherSchmoe says:

    The key is to cut back on your meal sizes and eat small meals every few hours to keep your metabolism going (don’t overeat!) and don’t eat junk food, also drink lots of water not soda. If you’re way overweight and stick to this you’ll lose weight, just use common sense when eating. At first you will feel hungry eating small meals because your body is used to huge meals, you’ll want to go back for more but don’t. After 1-2 weeks your body will adjust and you’ll feel full all the time. Good luck!

  18. AnotherSchmoe says:

    I started using the elliptical every day (in combination with the new eating habits, don’t call it a diet because it’s not, it’s a lifestyle change!), anyways I have been using the elliptical every day now for just over a week. Started on 5 minutes and have already worked my way up to 30 minutes a day (it’s amazing how fast your leg muscles will build up, I had almost none when I started). It’s alot easier now and I have a lot more energy. Have lost about 15lbs so far and will keep going.

  19. AnotherSchmoe says:

    For example, instead of having 2 bowls of large cereal when I got up (can’t believe I used to do that), I now only have 1 tiny bowl of cereal. Then 3 hours later I might have an apple and a fruit/grain bar, then 3 hours later a salad with a little bit of chicken mixed in etc. stuff like that every 3 hours until you get closer to bedtime. I stop eating for about 3 hours before bed. After I lost 9lbs in a month or so just changing my eating habits I was able to do 5 mins on the elliptical…

  20. AnotherSchmoe says:

    Not long ago I weighed about 278lbs, we have an elliptical machine but I could only stay on it for about 2 minutes before I had to stop due to aching legs and out of breath. I started using common eating sense and watching my portions (no exercising) for about a month and dropped to 269lbs just like that. Basically just drink lots of water, cut out soda etc. and cut out sweets, eat small meals every 3 hours while you are awake (except before bedtime). Eat a salad and apple at least once a day

  21. karsonsgirl says:

    this video && all the other ones help me so much. every time i need some extra motivation b4 i workout i come watch these 1st. thanx! they’re great!
    PS i’ve lost 10.5 lbs so far!

  22. This is great!

  23. formidable

  24. FlareOfDawn says:

    Of course she’s pretty before the weight loss also.

  25. FlareOfDawn says:

    2:18 WOW, she is gorgeous!

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