Weight Loss 101—How to Avoid the Freshman 15

If you have been on a college campus chances are that you heard the phrase “Freshman 15.”  This refers to the amount of weight gained by people their freshman year of college.  Studies have shown that the average college freshman gains about 15 pounds their first year of school.

Most students eat what they want when they get to college because mom and dad are no longer looking over their shoulder.  Life in the dorms can be fun with the late-night pizza runs or the cookies sent from home.  Most students get a meal plan from the school cafeteria.  Even though mom and dad aren’t with you, you still need to watch what you eat.  When you are at the school cafeteria or eating out with friends, use the light salad dressing and go for the baked potato instead of the fries.  Make sure you eat foods from the five food groups, follow the food pyramid.  For those late-night cravings, keep a good supply of healthy snacks in your room.  Most importantly, eat more often during the day by eating smaller meals.  This will help to keep your metabolism fueled and when it comes time to eat again, you won’t overeat.  Also avoid the alcohol and sodas, even the diet ones.  They are full of empty calories and will do more harm than good.  Drinking more water will help to keep you hydrated.  Plus your skin will look clear and bright.

Be as active as possible.  Most schools have a gym or exercise facility that is free for students.  Take advantage of what they have to offer you.  Get your roommates involved, and create an exercise routine that has a combination of weight training and cardio.  Weight training adds muscle to your body.  It creates lean muscle that will help you to burn more calories.  To help you make those lean muscle take whey protein.  This is a supplement that is easy to digest.  It also can be used as a meal replacement.  The best whey protein to take is a whey protein isolate supplement.  It has fewer fats and carbohydrates than concentrates do, plus it is 90% pure protein.  Cardio exercises help you to build endurance.  Exercise is easier with a friend.  If you can’t make it to the gym, get involved with the schools intramurals program.  They offer a wide variety of sports.  There usually are many levels from the recreational team to a competitive team.  These options are a great way to stay in shape during your freshman year.

Believe it or not, but getting enough sleep will help you to watch your weight gain.  You’re in college now.  There are a lot of parties and late-nights with friends and roommates.  Not to mention the all-nighters cramming for the upcoming test.  Studies have shown that those who get to bed early and get the recommended hours of sleep are healthier.  Getting enough sleep will help you to be less stressed, which will lead to less stress eating.  Sleep may not seem like a necessary thing, but it is a simple tip to staying healthy.
If you have already experienced the “freshman 15,” don’t worry.  It’s not too late to get rid of it and stop further weight gain.  Not only will making good choices keep you healthy, it will make you happy now and in the long run.

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