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  1. ladybugs888 says:

    i love these week in 10 videos. its like youre in your own little reality show haha.

  2. natneagle says:

    Thanks girl…nerves…is it bad to throw up at the thoughts of doing this? cause I kinda feel like I could!

  3. natneagle says:

    I need it!

  4. natneagle says:

    I don’t really like pills though – not natural and unhealthy 25 years from now haha

  5. natneagle says:

    and what is that?

  6. natneagle says:

    for me not hard – i’ll be doing sb stuff on my natychats channel 🙂 subscribe

  7. natneagle says:

    hi new seriously! you are sweet – I don’t think i look any different – my body is still so out of proportion – bigg jumbo hips – sucks

  8. natneagle says:

    sweetie – realize that my goal is to be 175 and I am 5’5″/5’6″ so you ARE skinny IMO. Embrace your curves. I was “skinny” when I was younger but I always had the hour glass figure. Be HAPPY with it

  9. natneagle says:

    as soon as my new rack comes in yes i wilL 😀

  10. natneagle says:

    i’m trying i’m trying – i just keep looking forward at my future self and it’s 1/2 of what i am now

  11. natneagle says:

    i’m glad you do 🙂

  12. natneagle says:

    omg i have to change my ring tone soon – it’s annoying now

  13. natneagle says:

    hahaha you never know you might

  14. natneagle says:

    bring it girl! 😀

  15. beautifuldaymua says:

    Your brows look amazing!! I definitely gotta check out the nail polish. Congrats on the photoshoot. Be a little will make you perform better. 🙂

  16. good look in the photoshoot in DC!!!

  17. AvaTreexxv says:

    go to csargent. webs. com to get that pill. it worked for me. 15 pounds in 2 weeks

  18. caseysargent says:

    I lost 20 lbs using AcaiBurn you should really try it, it really works.

  19. leon2jojo says:

    Hey question.. how hard is the south beach to stay on ? I was doing Michael Thurman..and as i did sooo good.. I quite after 15 lbs.. read on it.. I swear that is the hardest.. yet most effective diet out there.. I’m goin to read on a bit of the SB.

    Any good tips ?

  20. AvonMarkBeauty says:

    are you sure that you only have lost 1 pound? you seriously look like you have lost over 20 pounds! congrats on the photoshoot!!!

  21. kurostorm says:

    I am on board! Hope ur Day 2 is ging well, my Day one is going good so far!

  22. DancetotheMusicxxx says:

    Losing weight sucks! Im 5’5 and I used to be skinny. I am now 160 pounds next time I check. Fortunately for me though, most of my weight is on my lower half not on the upper half where the heart is. I have a coca cola body lol

  23. peachypink604 says:

    “ALL” the disorders? Wow. Well like I said, I’m def looking fwd to NatyChats. I think you can bring something new, diff, and make a positive change. It helps that you have a subscribers base too;) So be warned now, you’ll be getting TONS of request from me:P lol.

  24. tracklover1998 says:

    can u make a video of ur nail polish collection plz

  25. Aw, that’s horrible :/

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