Wedding Planning on a Budget

Naturally, once a couple decides to become engaged a bride to be will begin to plan her wedding. There are infinite numbers of ways that a bride can plan a wedding, such as a destination wedding. Hard economic times prove now more than ever that you do not need an extravagant budget in order to have a beautiful wedding. Smaller weddings have become very popular because it allows a couple to save for the future. All in all, there are three major ways that a bride to be can plan a great wedding.

One type of wedding that is popular is a small format formal wedding with only close friends and family members. If you are on a tight budget, this can save you loads of money for your wedding. You can save money by having a small wedding party because you will not have to rent or purchase as many dresses, tuxedoes, and additional dinner plates. Saving money on wedding day is easy if you plan on having a buffet-style meal rather than individual plates that can become very costly. You can start the honeymoon much earlier if you get out of the reception faster.

Another way to plan for your wedding on a budget would be to have the wedding on a weekday. If you are dead set on having your wedding on a weekend, you will end up paying almost double the rental costs for the venue, this is not necessarily a great strategy. Quite a few people have decided to hold their weddings on a Thursday or Friday in order to take advantage of pricing, as well as give their guests a chance to get a long weekend away from work. Planning your wedding for a later day during the week will yield many more guests and a higher turnout, whereas an early weekday wedding date will tend to push people away. An early weekday date will be best for you if you are trying to save the most money possible.

Another way that many people are saving money with their wedding planning is by asking that the wedding party rent or purchase their own tuxedos and bridesmaid dresses for the wedding. You could potentially save thousands upon thousands of dollars if you have a normal sized wedding party and you do this. Just bridesmaid dresses alone can cost several hundred dollars for each dress. Putting all of these savings toward a great honeymoon vacation is a great way to use the money.

Wedding gifts that are inexpensive, but not cheap are great ways to show your guests that you care. If you follow these wedding planning practices you can make sure that your wedding day will be as beautiful as you want it to be without completely draining your of all your hard earned money.

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