Wed 10/07 WLL … Back in the Game: Be Creative

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  1. Tracychell says:

    You are looking great!! You can tell a big difference in your face from your older clips to now 🙂


    wow you people take everything so serious. If you know me or watch my videos at all you would now that I am not at all critical about others videos. I have a great sense of humor and I know nichole does too. I hope I did not make her feel bad. I just was trying to say: dont spend more time making boards and banners than you do working out. OK?? Sorry to those of you that were mad about what I said. I was not trying to be mean just sarcastic. again….SORRY!!

  3. falconandthemoon says:

    Just posted a response to your video though it isn’t showing up under “Video Responses” You can see it under falconandthemoon.

  4. 2ThousandAnd9 says:

    Great ideas!
    Take care and see ya next time!

  5. 32down15togo says:

    You look SO pretty in blue!!! So your color!

  6. erikka1212 says:

    you are so great! your videos always have such great ideas and are so inspirational.

  7. Great video!

    I like the paper idea of the pounds. I do something similar with marbles, well really those decoratvie marbles from the craft store. You can use anything like that, like decorative stones. I transfer them from one jar to another. I’m still looking for something that’s pretty with a lid because I like the idea of sealing it for good once I meet my goal weight.

  8. ElWoodpeckeroLoco says:

    How much weight have you actually lost now?

  9. UltimateAnonymity says:

    I am surely going to use those tips! Thanks!

  10. unity4seif says:

    You are so creative! It’s such a great way to get out of boredom especially when we hit plateau. I will try some of your tips. Thanks!! 🙂

  11. Wow, the idea with the Paper is great!!!!

  12. silverstarz76 says:

    Excellent video with great ideas… I think I will have to try the stack of paper..

    Thanks fo r sharing!

  13. Im definitely gonna make that stack of papers and maybe a goal collage to go on my fridge door.

  14. You are sooo creative! Love it!!!!

  15. MrRight41 says:

    IM guessing you are a pro at this topic!

  16. chloeelebeir says:

    love the idea, totally trying it

  17. tinkerbelld2005 says:

    love this vid! my fav motivation tip thus far

  18. AnthonyNews says:

    eat watever you want if you exercise…but if you dont exercise? watch what you eat folks******

  19. Slim4Iife says:

    Loved it, loved it!! I am creative!!!!!
    I actually made the stack of papers! I will show u all later on this month 😀
    Awesomeeeeeeeee vid

  20. peachypink604 says:

    OMG I love your creative and unique ideas. Fun!!

  21. vanezzy81 says:

    im going to do the paper stack idea! cool!!!

  22. jrzygirlforlife says:

    hey twin…great vid!!!

  23. JiggleFreeForMe says:

    I LOOOOOOOVE your creative approach to weight loss! I totally am following your lead. It is such a fun way to see the little accomplishments I typically over look. Lots of <3s

  24. omg nicole…this is the best video ever 😀 i am a very creative person and think this will totally work for me. i need a scale to know how much i weigh though. lol. i keep wanting to buy one and never do. i’ll start with my goal weight. i have an idea of how much i weigh anyways. thank you for this video. i will probably video respond soon.

  25. JamieSnyderTV says:

    You made me want to try that ceramics painting thing! I’m going to do it next weekend!

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