Wearing The Tee Shirt With A Whole New Flavour

So you consider your t-shirt as your ultimate fashion must-have? Truth is, you always make sure shirts are part of your daily look. But are you starting to lose interest in your t-shirt love affair? Are you starting to get bored with how you wear your tees? Worry no more! Spruce up your sense of style by learning to wear that tee shirt in fun, creative ways!

Your usual white tee is a versatile piece. To highlight your curves, pair it with great fitting pants like skinny jeans or body hugging jeans. A more formal look can be achieved if you pair it with darker, high waist jeans. Flat shoes, peep toe shoes or boots can also complement the shirt and jeans look. Lastly, accessorise your outfit with a nice cardigan or chunky jewels.

Use your big shirt to create different looks. The basic mix of oversized shirt and dark skinny jeans can make you look sexy. Show off your curves by tucking your oversized shirt in one of your favourite skirts and accessorizing it with a a belt and a long necklace. Show off your feminine side by pairing your oversized tee with platform sandals, beautiful jewels and a ruffled skirt.

The graphic tee can go with various interpretations. You can achieve different looks using this tee. Such clothing piece enables you to take on whatever personality you want to showcase: feminine, boyish, hip, laidback or funny! Your graphic tee is perfect for denim shorts and sneakers. For a lady-like look, you might pair the shirt with a sexy skirt and flats.

Interestingly, today shirts are no longer just a part of everybody’s fashion statement. In China, many companies choose to use these valuable clothing items as a crucial part of their marketing approach. Many companies use tees as Corporate gifts in China. As gift items, tee shirts capture the interest of target audiences. Certainly, t-shirt lovers in China are fond of receiving t-shirts as their Corporate gifts China.

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