Ways To Teach Good Posture Without A Lumbar Support Cushion

For the longest time I have been showing people how to use a lumbar support cushion to protect their back but then I was thinking, what if you don’t have a lumbar support cushion. The first thing should be to go out and buy a back support cushion but if you need something now then there are some things you can do.

If you are one of those people that would rather save the $25 then there are other ways to go about protecting your back from the pain you might endure. Something that you should know is that the following techniques will help you a little bit but the don’t work just like a support cushion does. Trust me, there was a time when I did a couple of these during the day and at night my back was still hurting, just not as much.

How To Save Your Back Without A Lumbar Support Cushion

Water bottle – Something that I have done in the past is to fill a water bottle half full and then use that where the support pillow would be. The goal here is to give your back the support that it needs in order to keep it aligned and place your body in a proper sitting position. Just know that the water bottle that you use must have a very tight lid on it because if not then the lid will pop off and most likely soak you when you are sitting down. The reason for this is so that the water doesn’t leak out while you are resting on it.

Rolled up towel – Something that many people use is a rolled up towel and this seems to work for some people but for others it doesn’t. One thing I would caution you on is to not make the rolled up towel too hard because if you do that than your back will probably start hurting even more. Just know that when you roll the towel you should tape it to keep it from moving.

Beach ball – Something that I was once told about is a barely filled beach ball. It may look funny but at the same time it will you’re your back the support that it really needs. My last suggestion is to at least make sure that the air intake valve is shut so that you don’t have to put more air in it time after time.

Some of these methods might be a little different and look funny but the truth is they are there to help you and your back from the pain. Always remember that when it comes to lumbar support cushions there is nothing out there that can replace them.

Something that most people don’t understand is that every back support cushion has a purpose and that is why you need to use them. For the individuals that sit in an office for most of the day you need to understand that a good office chair with lumbar support may be needed

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