Ways to Stop Head Sweating

Three percent of people in the world suffer from head sweating. This is a staggering statistic. If one suffers from this medical condition one need not feel alone. The entire surface of the body is covered in millions of sweat glands that control the body temperature and allows the skin to perspire to cool down when hot. When this intricate system gets out of sink excessive head sweating of a primary or secondary form takes place.

Primary hyperhidrosis (head sweating) counts for ninety-five percent of people suffering from this discomfort. This group is fortunate that with the aid of natural herbal products they are assured of a reasonable level of improvement and sometime even a cure. The deep-seated problem that causes this predicament is often also cured in the process. The sensible route one needs to follow when seeking counsel regarding herbal medication is to always consult experts in the field.

Secondary hyperhidrosis affects a small group of people made miserable by this affliction. A doctor should be consulted as people in this category may have a medical condition that is the reason for the extreme sweating.

This condition has severe ramifications in a person’s life. The fact that one is always busy mopping one’s face, and possibly ruining one’s makeup, no hairstyle ever looks tidy as the hair is always damp, is a great morale dampener. One’s confidence continually takes a dive as one is ultra conscious of body odors from the perpetual sweating and this in turn exacerbates the condition.

It becomes a way of life to control the sweating as one tries to wear only comfortable clothing made from natural fibers such as cotton and steer clear of the synthetic materials. Going about either barefoot or with open sandals also helps to cool the overall body temperature.

It has been suggested that a healthy diet and using a natural ingredient shampoos and not washing hair too often may also alleviate the problem to some degree. Stimulants and very spicy foods have been known to cause body heating and excessive sweating.

Emotional stress, anxiety levels and fits of rage can also bring one severe sweating. One is encouraged to find ways to bring these feelings under control and to work towards lessening these fits of emotion that increase the possibility of undue facial perspiration.

To cope with head sweating one needs to determine into which of the two categories, primary or secondary, one falls in to and then decide on how to deal with this unattractive disorder. Little is known of the exact cause except that the problem is focused around an overactive sympathetic nervous system that in some cases my benefit from natural homeopathic remedies.

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