Water Purification Using Activated Carbon Filtration

Today, consumers have a variety of choices when shopping for a water purification system. Not all water purification systems are the same. They vary in price and water filtration abilities. When choosing a water purification system, it is important to understand the different types of water filtration methods in order to get the best system that meets your specific filtration needs. One such filtration method that is used in water purification is activated carbon filtration.

What is activated carbon?

Activated carbon is commonly used in water filtration systems to filter out contaminants in the water. Carbon is very effective at removing a variety of contaminants including chlorine. It also greatly improves the taste of the water. Activated carbon is composed of very small groups of carbon atoms that piled on top of each other. The carbon can come from different sources such as coal or peanut shells.

The carbon source is heated slowly without exposure to air in order to produce a high carbon material. The carbon becomes activated when oxidizing gases pass through at very high temperatures. The process of carbon activation created the pores that created the adsorptive properties.

How does activated carbon work?

Activated carbon is a highly porous material. Activated carbon works by attracting and keeping certain chemicals and other specific contaminants as water passes through it. Because activated carbon is so porous, t has an extremely high surface area for contaminant adsorption. Activated carbon filtration is better at taking out organic contaminants from water as well as chlorine. As well, it improves the taste, odor, and color of the water. The filtered is healthy and tastes good. It is important to take care of controlling the growth of bacteria in carbon filters when used in water purification systems.

What doesn’t activated carbon remove?

Activated carbon filtration will remove some contaminants but there are others contaminants it will not remove. For instance, it does not remove fluoride, microbes, nitrates, sodium, and hardness. Heavy metals such as lead are removed only by a certain type of activated carbon filter. The manufacturer will state exactly what their particular activated carbon filtration system removes.

Today, there are not that many water sources left that are safe to drink the water. Communities have extensive water treatment systems that treat the water with a whole host of chemicals such as chlorine. For people who do not want unhealthy organic contaminants in their water, as well as chemicals that were used to treat the water, have a healthy option. Water filtration systems are becoming an addition in millions of homes. Activated carbon filtration is one method of removing contaminants out of the drinking water. There are also water filtration systems that contain more than one filtration media which is effectively at removing a variety of contaminants. When you search for your water purification systems, make sure you look at the filter to make sure you getting the contaminants removed from the water. When drinking purified water, you will rest easy knowing that you’re drinking healthy water.

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