Want To Know About Types Of stretch Mark Laser Removal

At Celibre, we treat stretch marks with a number of different lasers depending on the type of marks colored or textured and the kind of pores and skin light, medium or dark. Simply because we deal with two kinds of stretch mark and since you will find six pores and skin types, there is a great deal of variability from one treatment plan to the next. We also use up to four various lasers to deal with stretch marks, depending again on the color and texture of the stretch marks.

For textured stretch mark, our laser stretch mark removal therapy works by stimulating new collagen growth at a molecular level. Using laser power, we produce a thermal injury below the surface of the skin at the stage with the damaged tissue.

By making this thermal injury, the pores and skin is prodded into developing new collagen, which then decreases the visibility of textured stretch marks.

For colored stretch marks, there are 2 various lasers used to revise the color of the stretch marks and the laser used depends upon whether the patient is light skinned and has pink or reddish marks or is dark skinned and has brown marks. In either case, the colored stretch marks are brought on because the physique brings melanin pigment and extra blood movement to the region as part of the regular therapeutic process after a stretch mark types. For reddish stretch marks, our pulsed dye laser closes the microfine blood vessels near the surface area with the skin that trigger the redness. For brown stretch marks, our q-switched laser breaks up the pigment formed when the stretch marks occurred inside a way that’s similar to the way in which we remove age spots and tattoos.

Based on the laser used, a prickly hot or tingling sensation may be felt during laser stretch mark remedies. Laser stretch mark remedies usually last in between fifteen minutes and one hour but this depends upon the quantity of area treated. Celibre laser stretch mark elimination treatments are administered by our courteous and expert health-related employees in a single our thoroughly clean, comfy, and conveniently situated Los angeles and Orange County offices. Call now and join thousands of La and Orange County sufferers that have discovered a laser stretch mark treatment that works.

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