Want To Get Rid Of Your Love Handles? – Boost Your Metabolism!

Love handles, those wonderful flaps of bulging fat that hang over the edge of your pants. There always there, firmly entrenched on your hips and nothing you do seems to make them go away. You do sit-ups and crunches, try the latest fad diet but nothing works; they hang there mocking you to get rid of them. So what do you do the get rid of your love handles? If you believe those “exercise gurus” shouting their wares on all the TV infomercials then you only need to spend a small fortune and get their latest Ab-sculpting exercise machine that will make those love handles magically disappear. While that sounds good there is no way to spot reduce those flabby love handles with exercises that target your midsection. You will strengthen the underlying muscles but until you get rid of the flab your overhanging bulges of love will still be there. It all comes down to your metabolism and the amount of calories you eat compared to how many you burn during the average day. There is a problem with this though, because the first thing most people think is “I’ll just eat less”, which makes sense from a purely mathematical stand-point. But the metabolic system of the body could care less about the mathematics of calories eaten compared to calories consumed. Why? Because the human body is a complicated system of chemical and hormonal reactions that make it function. When these chemical and hormonal functions become unbalanced strange things begin to happen, particularly to your metabolism. Calories are your body’s fuel supply and you get that fuel from the food you eat. Just like when your car runs out of gas its engine stops running if you limit the fuel your body needs it to will begin to stop running efficiently. If you follow the herd and decide that eating less is the way to go to get rid of those love handles you may not like the end results. If you cut back on your caloric intake your metabolism will actually start to slow down, which means your body will hang onto those flabby handles because the body thinks its very survival depends on it. Not only will your metabolism slow but it will convert any excess calories it can back to fat storage, which will add to those love handles. This brings us to the best way to get rid of your love handles. Why not do the opposite and boost your metabolism. After all an increase in metabolism allows the body to begin burning away those excess calories while still giving your body the nutrition and energy it needs. There are two main ways you can boost your metabolism to love handle burning heights. • Diet – And we are not talking about the latest fad diet here. We are talking about the nutritional value of the food you eat. Calories are the fuel that drives the body. Those calories come from the food you eat. The more nutritious the food the better your bodies respond. In this case in the form of an increase in metabolism. The cells of the body will work at their optimum efficiency if the fuel given them is of the highest quality. In fact it is believed in some circles that some foods are actually negative calorie foods. That is it takes more calories to digest these foods then the foods themselves contain. It is believed that most of these foods are fruits and vegetables. The idea is that because fruits and vegetables are high in complex carbohydrates and fiber it takes more energy for the body to digest this them. Whether this is true or not is open to study, but the fact is that eating a healthy diet is one step to naturally boosting your metabolism. • Exercise – There are two main types of exercise that will give your metabolism the boost it needs to start burning away that excess body fat. 1. Resistance training, also known as weight lifting or weight training, is a great way to boost your metabolism. The nice thing about resistance training is that you not only burn calories during the workout but also while your resting post workout because the body is rebuilding bigger and stronger muscles, which takes energy. 2. Cardio training, or an aerobic workout, is another great way to boost your metabolism. If you want to get rid of love handles then get up off the couch and go for a walk, take a bike ride, or play some hoops. Find something you like to do and keep doing it. If you seriously want to get rid of your love handles then you will have to work for it. The only way to burn fat is to change your diet and burn calories with some sort of exercise program. Only then will the work you’ve done strengthening your core muscles begin to show through.

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