Want To Find out If Your Partner Is Being Unfaithful?

To his credit, the man I married was amazingly cunning. He made it clear that I had no idea how to catch a cheating spouse because I never could. All that changed when I came upon covert surveillance devices online, by chance at that.

Here is my two cents? worth. I reckon attached men and women out there could use some assistance in how to catch a cheating spouse. Connected to 24 department of defense satellites, the Minitrak Pro is the tiniest GPS tracker I have discovered so far.

Discovering the advantage of smallness, I employed the motion-detecting Eyeball DVR Camera. The size of a ping pong ball, it has a DVR built-in for stand-alone recording. The Pen Style Micro Color Camcorder stores what it captured in a 2 GB micro SD card.

Another self-contained gadget with a DVR built-in, the Black Box DVR Cam Kit knows one thing about how to catch a cheating spouse: do it behind their back. I mean, no one would ever suspect a simple black box to be up to something.

Nor would anyone stop and notice the DVR Alarm Clock Hidden Camera, what with a power cord and DVR built into it. Or catch the video via internet from wherever you are, using the IP camera of the Eyeview System. It is plug & play.

The SIM Spy Pro tracks cell phone data down, including SMS. It came in handy since my husband got himself another mobile phone. Once it started amassing wrong number calls, I just had to know how to catch a cheating spouse.

All of 2,000 incoming and outgoing text messages, plus calls made and received, are recorded by the Phone Manager Plus. As for passwords and all keystrokes entered into a computer, the Keyshark Keystroke Logger is ready with a 2 MB memory.

The size of a deck of cards, the Pocketmate DVR is an MPEG recorder that may as well have been a hi-tech security recorder. All these covert surveillance devices made me see, and hear, what I already knew in my heart was what was really going on.

Ronne B Saas is a well known authority on home safety including how to catch a cheating spouse. He specializes in how to use the latest technology in hidden cameras and surveillance systems. If you want to find out how to protect your children you will find many choices of nanny cams.

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