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  1. ShekinahShazaam says:

    for the love of macaroni and cheese! xDDD

  2. spongepuppy18 says:

    Everybody is different and you really help with a lot of people to realize that.

    And frankly, if you are trying to lose weight, do it the healthy, right way. Don’t take the easy way out with all these pills and programs. Sometimes all it takes are simple lifestyle changes.

  3. ConfusedLittleGirl11 says:

    You are awesome. I love your honesty and how real you are.

  4. Lucinda1232 says:

    luv ur makeup and eyeshadow

  5. for the love of macarroni & cheese!! hahaha that really put a smile on my face =D
    anyways…thank u for this vid. u are very inspiring & sweet & the only bad thing i have 2 say about this is that PLEASE dont put urself down by saying ur scrawny! i know it probably didnt hurt u, but u are beautiful too!!! No matter what our shape or siz is, we should all strive to be happy w/ ourselves and live a healthier life =]

  6. SunkistStyle says:

    I love everything about this video she should be a motivational speaker.

  7. SunkistStyle says:

    I know, that’s almost exactly what I thought to myself!

  8. koolpebble says:

    I admire you more and more as I come across more and more of your videos. I love how you stay true to yourself and encourage young girls to have a positive image of themselves. Thank you!

  9. unfrostedcereal says:

    me too!

  10. ErinHuggins says:

    Nice Job! keep on losing weight. And keep up the hardwork! cheers Erin

  11. carrieee33 says:

    “i seriously don’t recommend anyone to be as scrawny as me” lol aww. i love how you’re so down to earth 🙂

  12. kellyb228 says:

    Thank you for posting this. There are so many girls out there that hate their bodies because they have curves and because they may not be what they think is sexy. Love your body. If you want to loose weight to be healthy and feel better about yourself.. that is wonderful…but to do it for any other reason isn’t the thing to do. Be happy and love yourself!!! So thanks about for posting this!!!!

  13. swtmemories says:

    i love your makeup here! is there a tutorial to it?

  14. ninjarain1022 says:

    lol “for the love of macaroni cheese”

    -thats gold

  15. merhakuninghijau says:

    you are rock!!
    i like when you said, “love what your momma gave you..”

    thank you.

  16. holliscrombie3 says:

    i watch this video 10000 times
    because you honeslty look so
    pretty here and the mmsg wow! <3

  17. simplycraziiemeh says:

    ohhh you posted this video on the day of my bday! 😀 hehe anywayss, i definitely agree with everything that you said xteeener =) i can relate…

  18. meeee1992 says:

    you’re like my friend. except she’s a little bit skinnier! :(…she doesn’t like it, and people thinks she’s like unhealthy…

    but you’re still beautiful, no matter you’re size …as cliche as it sounds.

  19. beetleorange05 says:

    Thank you! your advice is great and your beautiful!!!

  20. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I subscribed to your videos because you do awesome videos, and my niece loves watching them. I’m actually old enough to be your mother probably…no joke!!! Anyhow…what you said in this video was GREAT, and I hope the younger girls will learn from it! Keep up the great work!!! You are awesome! 😀

  21. streetyang99 says:

    “don’t give it up”
    oh I wont (chocolate)
    ha ha 😉

    love your videos 🙂

  22. This was really remarkable of you to make. I’m really glad that you spoke your mind and gave such a good message!
    I know firsthand that starving yourself isn’t fun: it’s not only physically dangerous, but it can really mess up your life if it gets out of hand.
    Thank you for encouraging being healthy and being so honest! You’re gorgeous and a real role model. 🙂

  23. FAT is beautiful. every girl is beautiful. im skinny and i really wanna gain weight too. GIRLS: flaunt what you have, love yourselves 🙂

  24. bluuorchid says:

    lol. “for the love of macaroni and cheese”
    aha, that made me laugh.
    i loved this video.
    thank you for putting this out there 🙂

  25. BleedingEyesOfLove says:

    I really appreciate that there are people like you in this world. 🙂

    I am overweight (I really am), and I am trying to lose a few pounds, but not because I feel like it would make me look better, or whatever. I love my body, I have curves, and I think I’m beautiful.

    Thank you, for trying to show the world that it’s O.K. to be who they are. <3

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