Vicks First Defence – Is It Effective?

The common cold still does not have a cure however there is a product that claims to stop you from catching it.

There are 200 to 300 different types of cold virus and they all attack the adenoid area (back of throat).

In days gone by, since most people caught the cold in the winter time it was thought it was caused by the cold weather. However numerous studies have shown this is not the case. To keep warm people used to gather together which meant that viruses were more readily passed on to each other.

Sneezing and coughing release tiny droplets which float in the air and can be inhaled by another person. Another way to catch it is by touching a surface where the virus is still active. When your hands then come in to contact with your eyes and nose you are likely to catch the cold. The cold is very rarely caught through the mouth due to mucus membrane secretions and gastric juices which both kill them.

Once the virus is carried to the back of the throat (the adenoid area) they invade healthy cells and multiply with a vengeance. It can take as little as one single cold virus to give you a cold.

From exposure to a virus the usual time for the symptoms to appear is two days, however they can appear within as little as ten hours. Different viruses can cause varying symptoms and some can be particularly aggressive. Some people don’t suffer as badly from certain types of virus whereas others do.

You can reduce your chances of catching a cold by regular hand washing and by stopping touching your eyes and nose. You can use Vicks First Defence as soon as you start to feel the first cold symptoms (eg. a tickle at the back of the throat or sneezing), before the cold has fully developed. You can even start using it when feeling at risk of catching a cold.

First Defence Micro-Gel Nasal Spray targets the area deep inside the nasal cavity where most cold germs first take hold and multiply. First Defence is a Micro-Gel nasal spray enhanced with plant extracts. It works by trapping cold causing germs and helping your body to remove them naturally. According to Vicks when people used First Defence Micro-Gel Nasal Spray at the first signs of a cold, 77 per cent said they didn’t develop a full blown cold.

First Defence can cause increased sinus discharge and temporary stinging. However this is normal and most people prefer this to catching the cold.

If you are unfortunate enough to still catch the cold and wish to reduce some of the nasal symptoms such as sinus pain, headaches and nasal congestion then doctor recommended natural nasal sprays such as SinuSoothe, Sinus Buster and Sinol can provide great relief. Sinus Buster and Sinol contain capsaicin which reduces substance P which plays a major role in the cause of inflammation. On the other hand SinuSoothe contains cumin, cinnamon, frankincense, ginger, manuka, tea tree and turmeric and also has potent anti-inflammatory properties. SinuSoothe is also an extremely effective nasal spray at killing sinus infections and preventing them from developing (a high rate of infections are caused by the common cold). These natural nasal sprays are also used by allergy sufferers, rhinitis sufferers and nasal spray addicts.They are safe to be used daily on a long term basis, have no known side effects and are non-addictive.

It is always advisable to consult your doctor before undertaking any new treatment.[youtube:yl0YBXpDAx0?version=3;[link:natural nasal spray for sinus infections];]

Rachel Scott has published numerous informative articles on sinus related topics that have helped many people with their sinus disorders . She can be contacted at Sinusoothe and is always happy to provide advice on Vicks First Defence, natural nasal sprays and other sinus treatments.

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