Vaping Becomes A More Enjoyable Experience With The Vivi Nova Tank Atomizer

The Vivi Nova Tank Atomizer is geared towards people who like uninterrupted vaping and lots of vapor. By installing it, it’s easier to get your mind off your former habit because it makes the current one truly enjoyable. Cleanup is made hassle-free as all the components may be disassembled. Thanks to this product, the downtime of electronic cigarette usage can be minimized.

One look and it’s easy to tell that this device is meant for individuals who want to take vaping seriously. The reservoir has a capacity of at least 3.5 ml so there’s plenty of e juice available which may be turned into vapor. Constant refilling is disruptive for anyone who uses an electronic cigarette, and this dilemma is something solved by this innovative product.

Especially if you just stepped foot in the world of vaping, you might find this device very intimidating due to its massive size. However, this will prove to be beneficial the moment you decide to fully embrace your new and healthier habit. It can make every drag you take something that can equal and even surpass the satisfaction you get from using an actual cigarette.

So many people who are into the use of electronic cigarettes prefer refillable tanks instead of the usual disposable cartridges. There are a handful of reasons for such, with the cost-effective benefit being one of them. After doing the math, you will realize that it’s going to cost you more constantly purchasing cartridges that simply getting a bottle of e juice.

It’s true that there are so many e juice flavors and nicotine levels to choose from on the market these days. Despite of this, there are vapers who much rather concoct their own recipe for a highly personalized vaping experience. Thanks to refillable tanks, vapers can rest assured that each drag they make allows them to feel nothing but complete vaping satisfaction.

Using the product is recommended for those who like to enjoy maximum vapor each and every time. It’s easy to tell that this massive device is specifically designed to produce lots of vapor due to the huge wick inside the cylindrical body. Capable of holding at least 3.5 ml of e juice at a time, you can rest assured that you can have an uninterrupted vaping satisfaction.

Clean up is made trouble-free by the fact that the parts may be fully disassembled. With easy access to all of the parts that convert e juice into vapor, clogs can be removed quickly and without much trouble. Further, this design helps make vaping an economical habit. That’s because you only have to replace the atomizer component that no longer works.

The Vivi Nova Tank Atomizer may be easily purchased on the internet. It is compatible with rechargeable batteries meant for electronic cigarette models such as the Ego Twist, Ego C and others which have the Ego 510 thread. The product may be purchased per piece or you may also opt for a set. It is available in clear red, white and blue so you may be spotted with an electronic cigarette that fits your personality.

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