Useful Information About Heel Pain Treatment San Francisco Residents Need To Know

Heel pain is an extremely common complaint that has several causes. These include blisters, inflammation, arthritis, peripheral vascular disease among others. It is usually experienced when using the affected foot. It is usually focused on the back or the underside of the heels. Although it is rarely a symptom of serious complications, it interferes with the ability of individuals to carry out normal activities particularly physical exercises. There are various options of heel pain treatment San Francisco residents can benefit from.

There are certain symptoms that require the intervention of medical experts. When conditions that are likely to hamper the mobility of an individual are experienced, it is important to get medical assistance. Some of these signs include persistent pain that is accompanied by numbness, tingling sensation or swelling. In the early stages, home treatments can effectively eliminate the problem.

Mild cases can be managed through effective home care. It is advisable to avoid activities that are likely to put stress on the heels. These include running, walking on hard surfaces or standing for long periods. Placing ice packs on the heels for fifteen to twenty minutes three times a day is also helpful. Others include wearing proper fitting shoes, using foot supports and taking over-the counter medications.

The treatment technique is selected according to the underlying cause of the problem. For this reason, doctors carry out a thorough examination to ensure the diagnosis is very accurate. Individuals are advised to seek assistance form qualified professionals before embarking on home remedies.

There are a number of things that can be done to reduce the chances of developing this condition. Excess body weight exerts pressure and strains the heels. Losing extra weight and maintaining a healthy weight is the best solution in this case. This can be achieved by combining a healthy diet with regular exercise. Wearing shoes that have no heels is not recommended. Shoes with moderate low heels cushion and support your arches and heels.

The diagnosis for this problem is very thorough. There are a number of medical tests that are done during this stage to establish the degree of the condition. They include blood tests, magnetic resonance tests and X-rays. These tests allow doctors to get all the details concerning the condition of tissues and bones. Several techniques are combined to achieve quick recovery.

Surgery is recommended as the last resort if the symptoms do not clear after 12 months. It is performed to relieve the painful symptoms and reduce inflammation. The surgery can be performed either as open surgery or minimal incision surgery. As with all surgery, these procedures carry the risks of nerve damage, infection and a worsening of symptoms after surgery. These complications are very rare.

Most of the patients affected with this condition are able to effectively manage this discomfort with conservative care. The time taken to attain complete pain relief varies from one patient to another and depends on the period of time the symptoms have been experienced. By getting adequate information about heel pain treatment San Francisco residents are in a better position to deal with this situation when it occurs. The techniques are applied to reduce inflammation, limit the impact of stress on the feet and strengthen the muscles.

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