Useful Herbs To Treat Tinnitus

There are many kind of natural remedies for tinnitus you can use to get help for your symptoms. There is all kind of herbs that can be helpful in getting relief from tinnitus symptoms. Ginkgo Biloba is one such an herb. It is commonly used to prevent memory loss, but some studies have suggested that there is a link also between Ginkgo Biloba and getting relief from tinnitus.

Black Cohosh is an excellent natural remedy for tinnitus because it is a natural tranquillizer. Stress is one factor that is believed to cause tinnitus and this herb can relieve stress, thus helping with tinnitus symptoms. Black Cohosh and Ginkgo Biloba are often recommended to be used together for best results.

Tinnitus treatments sometimes include low sodium diets along with the use of diuretics. Mullein, a natural diuretic along with a low sodium diet can be very helpful for tinnitus sufferers.

Some experts believe that mullein can be a very valuable ingredient in treating tinnitus, especially for those who are experiencing rather serious case of the condition. It looks like that the herb relieve the symptoms of tinnitus by alleviating some of the inflammation.

Rosemary is a natural herb that dilate blood vessels, and it helps in lowering blood pressure. So, in those cases where tinnitus is caused by high blood pressure rosemary can be helpful.

Wild oats, or avena sativa, is an herb that decreases cholesterol. In turn, this improves blood circulation, thus relieving in tinnitus.

Doctor Rudolph Fritz Weiss is one of the well-known herbalists in Germany. He suggests that periwinkle can also be used as a remedy for tinnitus. The herb contains blood-thinning alkaloid, vincamine, which can reduce tinnitus symptoms caused by poor blood circulation. However, you should consult with your doctor before using it.

Zinc deficiency is one cause of tinnitus. Foods high in zinc have proven to be quite beneficial in the treatment of tinnitus. Some of these include sesame seeds, goldenseal, sunflower seeds, fenugreek seed tea, passionflower, horsetail, mistletoe tea, plantain, spinach and other natural herbs.

Next herb that has been used to treat tinnitus is cornus. This is common especially in China, where it is used as a herbal medicine for many different ailments. It is available also in many western health food stores.

Cornus alone seems not to be effective in treating tinnitus. Nevertheless, when using together with Chinese yam and Chinese foxglove root, the effect of getting relief from tinnitus is obvious. On the other hand, some herbs should never be used together with cornus. These include siler, platycodon, and stephania.

Although some sufferers may still have some symptoms, these remedies have been shown to help. Trying one or more of these might be the first step to combating this problem.

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