Useful Fitness Strategies – Train Like an Athlete

Many of us would never have the gall to compare ourselves like professional athletes. Physical perfection in its purest form characterizes the ballplayers and other athletes worldwide. They are defined simply by their lean and muscular build and out-of-this-world stamina. The fact that they have no visible fat anywhere in their bodies is enough to make mere mortals like you and I wish we had their physique.

Unfortunately, we know that this is reaching for the stars. Is it possible for one who can barely do 5 pushups look like a well-toned demigod?

But you might want to change your outlook just a bit. While you can never hope to train as intensely as a professional athlete, there are things you can do to boost your fitness program. If you follow these guidelines, you can expect your exercise intensity levels to go up a notch, your stamina to increase, your body to be sculpted beautifully and your health to improve.

If you’re training in the afternoons or at random times during the day, try to change that by exercising in the early mornings. You only need to discipline yourself to wake up early. When you train during the morning, you gain the advantage of having few distractions and thus being able to totally concentrate on your program. The fresh morning air is also beneficial. For those living in the city, the pollution levels are not as high at the break of day than during midday or afternoons, making fitness training a lung-friendly affair.

Eating and drinking enough food is extremely crucial. A lot of people who lose weight cut their food levels down so low that they might as well abandon their fitness regimen. You should emulate professional athletes who eat breakfast filled with complex carbohydrates and protein, a power-packed lunch and a healthy dinner. Going hungry is a no-no so you should always have fruits and nuts in between meals to keep your metabolic rate up.

Water is essential in training. A regular person who is not training should consume about 8 glasses of water a day but if you’re exercising, you should drink more. During workout, have water or a sports drink handy so that you can immediately refill and replace the electrolytes you’ve lost. Drink a glass of water before mealtimes to hasten your metabolism and burn more calories.

Sufficient rest and sleep is a requirement. Professional athletes need to clock in 8 to 10 hours each night as a result of their intense training sessions while non-athletes can get away with 6 to 8 hours. When you sleep early, you are able to wake up early for your early-morning training, too, and help your body form and repair muscles faster.

When you exercise, vary your routines and use different kinds of gym equipment. Doing so allows you to surprise your muscles for increased calorie burn. You lose fat faster as you burn more calories. Walk, sprint, lift weights. Variety is the name of the game.

By training like a pro athlete, you can look like one eventually!

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