Use EFT to Cast Out Alcohol Addiction

Are you an alcoholic and want to stop this addiction forever? You can do it quickly with the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Why is it so hard to quit drinking? It’s probably because will power and prescription drugs don’t address an addiction’s underlying cause, especially if the cause involves a tangle of unresolved emotions. The drinking may stop, but the cravings remain, and suppressing those cravings can be a full-time job. Instead of depending on will power, confessional meetings, or drugs that make alcohol unpalatable, EFT combines focused thought with gentle tapping on key acupuncture points.

With the EFT, you could rid yourself of your desire for a drink. You could alter how you think and feel about alcohol and anything associated to drinking such as buying, friends, advertisements, and going to the club. This procedure can help you take away all your triggers that kick start your drinking habit, each and every day. Emotional Freedom Technique can banish your addiction to drinking altogether. It will as well enable you to determine and eliminate the real reason why you drink. Usually, you started drinking for a reason that you have long forgotten, but the reason still holds onto you.

Psychologists, therapists, and counselors are discovering that the EFT could help balance harmful thoughts which contribute to continuous cravings and addictions. The theory behind this method is that all ailments, troubles, physical pain, and harmful emotions share the same basic cause- an interruption of the body’s flow of energy. Just as the skillful application of acupuncture needles help in releasing energy blocks, so does tapping on the meridians with the fingertips. With the Emotional Freedom Technique, it is possible to take away tension, anxiety, and other bad emotions, so the need for self-medication simply disappears.

Emotional Freedom Technique can end your wanting of having a drink every day. This technique can kill off the little voice inside of you. Calling yourself an alcoholic keeps you an alcoholic. Begin EFT tapping your identity and you will immediately become known as the person who used to drink. You can become the person you want to be.

Breaking your alcohol addiction does not have to be expensive or painful. Use EFT therapy to remove your desire to drink for good.

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