Unusual Traffic Laws

Traffic laws are made for reason; they generally designed to prevent accidents and ensure safety for all on the road. However, there are some laws that make no sense at all. Here are a look at some of the strangest traffic laws.

It’s actually forbidden by women to drive in Saudi Arabia. Women are allowed to vote but not to drive an automobile which may make going to school and work near impossible. Women who violate this rule can get arrested and even deported.

If you ever go to S Africa you had better to yield to farm animals who may cross the roads at any time. You can get a hefty fine for not yielding to animals. jaguar dealership los angeles

You better keep your cool if you are cruising in Mary;and; it is illegal to cross curse anyone out and you can receive a fine if anyone overhears you. It looks like you have to bite your tongue even if another driver cuts you off if you’re passing through MD.

Keeping a clean car is a must in the state of SC. Yes, you can get a fine of five hundred dollars if your car is considered a big mess by law enforcement. This law was implemented due to health reason and to prevent cars rats from infiltrating the car.

Don’t screech your tires if you are driving in the state of Kansas. It’s a misdemeanor if your car screech and a violation can mean a five hundred dollar fine and even a stint in jail.

If you in Oregon you won’t want to leave your car door open for a long time. I guess this law actually makes sense because an open door can cause an accident if the driver doesn’t swerve in time.

In Oklahoma it is illegal to read a comic book while driving. Just comic books? What about other books? Strange laws indeed. Who knows if these law are truly enforced; it’s still interesting to be aware of them if you pass through these areas.

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