Understanding the Symptoms of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is something that many people never think about until they start experiencing the symptoms. For a great number of reasons you might start to hear odd sounds, like ringing noises, in your ears. There’s often a mysterious origin, but sometimes it’s just something simple. In this article we’ll be looking at the symptoms of tinnitus and how they can manifest themselves in many ways.

Tinnitus can be classified in two ways, either as objective or subjective. A large number of the cases are subjective, meaning only the person who has the symptoms can hear the sounds in their ears. When a physician using a stethoscope can also hear the sound, this is called objective and it sometimes happens. You’re more likely to cure objective tinnitus as a cause can normally be found. Curing subjective tinnitus is not so easy as only the person suffering from it can hear the sound. Those with tinnitus symptoms should go and see a doctor to figure out which kind they have.

There’s often a connection between tinnitus and hearing loss. This doesn’t actually mean that hearing loss is caused by tinnitus, it simply means one symptom of tinnitus is hearing loss. That’s why many older people begin to experience a ringing in their ears at the same time that they start to have problems with their hearing. Loud music, explosions and loud machinery can also have the same affect on younger people and people of any age. Hearing loss and the normal tinnitus symptoms will be experienced by these people. Bad ear infections can cause hearing loss and tinnitus. Having the symptoms of tinnitus does not mean that you will get hearing loss, so don’t expect it if you can hear an odd sound.

Ear wax buildup in an ear is often the culprit that causes tinnitus symptoms. Ear infections have been known to trigger tinnitus symptoms. Like with other illnesses, if your health care provider prescribes an antibiotic to clear up your ear infection, your tinnitus symptoms can become worse. If your tinnitus symptoms began when you started a new prescription medication, this could be the reason for your symptoms. Discuss this possibility with your health care practitioner or pharmacist.

Those who’ve served in the armed forces are often prone to tinnitus. This is one example of how tinnitus affects younger people, as it’s more common to see it in elderly and middle aged people. If you were ever in the armed forces and you either sustained a head injury or were close to rapid gunfire, you may be experiencing tinnitus symptoms. Even though this isn’t such a serious thing to come out of the military with, it is still very distressing, especially if it’s quite chronic. Those who were in or are still in the military and have tinnitus symptoms should certainly let their doctor know, so they can try and find some sort of treatment. If you do encounter hearing loss in addition to the tinnitus, you might be entitled to disability benefits. In conclusion, tinnitus is a common problem that lots of people suffer from. Hearing odd noises that nobody else can hear is definitely annoying, but thankfully it’s not usually a serious issue. If you have the symptoms of tinnitus you must firstly determine the cause. The cause of the symptoms will dictate whether or not you can fully eliminate the noises or reduce them.

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