Understanding The Role Of A Criminal Defence Lawyer In Court

The role of a criminal defence lawyer in court is the cornerstone of our legal system. The judicial system is set up as an adversarial system, meaning each side gets their say in a court of law. Having this system in place ensure the innocent go free while the guilty are punished. Even the most hardened criminals have the right to a defense attorney.

Defense attorneys come from a large variety of backgrounds; they can either have their own practice or can be part of a larger law firm. Many specialize in different areas of criminal defense so it is important to look for one with experience defending the crime in question.

In many cases the lawyer never goes to trial because their client admits to the crime they are accused of. In this case the focus goes from defending their innocence to assisting them in arranging a plea deal. During this time the lawyer will advise their client of their rights under the law and protect them from excessive punishment.

When a case does go to trial it is not all about standing before the jury and pleading the accused case, there is a lot of background work involved. Attorneys must gather and scrutinize all the evidence offered in the case, they must research the validity of witness testimony as well as their background information, they will attempt to arrange bail for their client and represent the client in any media coverage of the case. If coverage becomes too much they will approach the judge with a request to stop media coverage to ensure an unbiased jury.

During a trial the defense lawyer’s main job is to create reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors or judge. They can do this by disproving evidence that points to their client, disproving testimony accusing the client and by introducing their own evidence or witnesses. They may do this in any way they see fit as long as it does not break ethical or legal standards. Because in the legal system the accused is innocent until proven guilty the defense has the advantage in the courtroom.

There are many skills an attorney must have to be successful in their field. They needs to know the law and procedures of the courtroom to effectively advise their clients, be able to put together and argue a well thought out case in front of a judge and jury, they must be methodical when reviewing testimony and witness statements and be able to draft persuasive warrants and motions for the court. In addition to this they must give off an aura of credibility and respectability when in front of a jury or interviewing those involved with the case.

Any confidences a client shares with their attorney are privileged when concerning the case they are accused of. However the lawyer does have ethical and legal obligations to consider. If a client discloses information that poses a threat to someone in the future or of a future crime the lawyer must turn that information over to the proper authorities. If they fail to do this they are considered an accessory and will lose their right to practice law.

In the legal system the role of the defense lawyer is vital to the system. These attorneys defend the rights of those accused of a crime and see that they are given a fair trial. Without them the legal system as we know it would not exist.

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