Understanding The Outcomes Tension Can Have On Our Minds And Bodies

Almost everyone has to put up with a certain amount of stress, and the effect it has on us depends on how much stress we experience and how well we respond to it. You can’t always remove yourselves from stressful situations, but you can learn how to react differently to the stress with a more relaxed attitude. Stress can cause many different things in a person’s life, and we will look at some of them.

There is a definite correlation to the rise in heart disease, high blood pressure, and higher levels of cholesterol, with the same rise in the levels of stress in society. Stress can be a killer, especially when it causes your heart rate to be elevated, or your blood pressure to go sky high. Living in stress causes many problems, such as heart problems, stemming from hardening of the arteries. A lot of diseases are a symptom of stress, so curing the disease comes from getting rid of the stress. Stress can be life-threatening to your health, if you never learn how to deal with it, because the effects can accumulate with the passing of time becoming more and more harmful. Most of the time, we do whatever we can to keep stress out of our lives. Some stress, though, is needed to stimulate us and prevent us from getting bored. Many people, for example, enjoy doing things that appear stressful, but are also stimulating -dangerous sports, high stakes gambling, even fast amusement park rides. What sets these examples apart from typical stress is that they don’t just happen to us -we choose to do these things. When we feel that events we didn’t choose are just happening to us, this is the negative type of stress. You may be able to take a stressful issue and look at it differently, and see it as a new challenge that has something to teach you.

It may be hard to believe, but stress has actually been linked to skin problems like psoriasis, acne, eczema and hives. The health of your skin, nails and hair can apparently be affected by high levels of stress in your life. Stress affects the hormone levels in our bodies, and if these are out of balance, certain areas can become inflamed. So if your face is breaking out more than usual, you may want to take a look at the stress level in your life right now. Going to a dermatologist can help you to treat your skin condition, but it’s best to also address the underlying problem, which may be stress. People whose hair goes gray prematurely or who lose their hair may also be suffering from the consequences of stress (though hair loss is often genetic). Both medical conditions and stress can sometimes trigger rapid hair loss or graying of hair.

Sometimes it is really difficult to shut down your mind at night, making it very difficult to sleep. Thinking about your problems all night, hardly ever solves them, but it does stress you out even more, and makes you even more tired. In order to break the cycle of stress and lack of sleep, you need to at least resolve one of the problems, by finding a way to sleep, or by finding a way to lessen the stress, because you can’t continue on with both.

The more people become educated about stress, the longer the list of unhealthy conditions that it causes are becoming known. While not all doctors and scientists agree on exactly what stress can do to us, it does seem clear that it can have serious, long-term effects on our health. Stress and relaxation don’t seem to go together, so why not find ways to relax, rather than stress out. A stress-free life is not only more enjoyable, but probably longer lasting as well.

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