Types Of Financial Products For Consumers

Financial products for consumers are made available to provide the public a means to save, invest, and get insurance and loans. There are several types of these instruments according to their risks and returns. To be educated about these is a very useful thing for citizens as they might consider availing of the offers in the future.

Government departments and private establishments can open up offers for bonds in which they invite potential creditors in. The funds gathered through the issued instruments would be used for the functions of the issuers. Creditors are guaranteed profit in the fixed interest rate they propose which is payable long term, together with the exact amount provided for credit.

In contrast, the Treasury bills or T bills issued by the government are payable for a matter of less than a year, the longest being six months. They are passed to address the short term financing needs of agencies and investors can gain profit that amounts to the difference between the face value and the price at which the T bill was issued.

Short term notes are more or less similar to government bonds in that their interest rates are fixed; however, they are issued by financing institutions such as banks for a period of one to five years. These tap issues can be subscribed to at anytime of the year unlike government bonds that can only be available four times annually.

Aside from being creditors, citizens can also invest by buying shares from a particular service oriented company. Through this, they become part owners and have the power to influence the decisions surrounding the establishments concerned. Profits are gained in the form of dividends which can be given annually or many times in a year.

Citizens can also avail of another form of shares known as investment funds issued by brokerage firms, insurance companies and banks. In this case, investors do not hand out their money to finance a manufacturing or service providing company; rather, they focus on services related to financial or real estate assets.

Warrants and options are instruments issued for citizens to buy and sell rights on the shares. Warrants take effect for a longer period in contrast with the other and they also have more potential for increasing the capital.

In order for citizens to decide better on what course of action to take for the financial products for consumers, they can find an adviser. These people would be able to help individuals assess the pros and cons of each instrument in order to get the best returns and lower risks.

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